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Happy New Year all

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Short but sweet oh so sweet! hehe...
Here's a hint...I ate Buffalo Bill's hot wings for dinner last night!

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Norman Bethune

I heard somewhere that Norman Bethune, the famous surgeeon worked in a social medical clinic in Verdun in the 30s. Has anybody heard about this and know the year and local ?

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Who ?

An easy game for (+/_) 65 !

Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
To all our members here at Verdun Connections
Make this Season Safe By not Drinking and Driving
Remember there are a lot of very excited children running around out there on the streets. Happy Holidays from Danny, DoDo and Brady.

Canadian History Trivia

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play
amongst lovely things."
- Plato

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merry christmas

I would like to wish all the members a very  merry christmas  and a healthy and prosperious new year. all the best patsy ginn ernst


I'm Shirley (Meyers) Moore.  I lived in Verdun from 1952 to 1965.  I attended Riverview School from '57 to '64.  It's been a while since I've heard from anyone who went to school with me.  I have kept in touch with one though throughout the years and we are still best of friends.  Does anyone remember Rosalind Brockie?  The only other names I can recall at this moment are Linda May, Susan Titus, Mitch Morrison and Bruce Field.  Anne Yoeman and Elaine Kerner were a couple of the teachers I had and of course, Mrs Sugarman.  She was my kindergarten teacher.  Funny how one remembers some and not others.
Anyhoo, I now live in a small town in Ontario.  My husband of 30 years passed away a few years ago.  I have two kids, who aren't really "kids" anymore.  They are both married and each have a little one...........making me a Grandmother!
I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me or any of the people I have mentioned.  It would be so nice to reconnect with some old friends.

First Ave.

My wife's family grew up on First Avenue, I hung around Verdun but lived in the point, moved to Verdun in 1957 on Lasalle Blvd, cor. Richard.
Just found this site through the Point site, good work.
Bill Brown
Burlington On.

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Galt & Bannantyne

I lived on the corner of Galt & Bannantyne in the 1940's, in front of the Bannantyne School. I went to Notre Dame du Cenacle primary French school on Bannantyne between Church and Hickson. This school has since been demolished and replaced with an apartment or condo building. What happened to Phillip Smith, the Menzies, Pelletiers, Potts, Raddikens and many others who lived in the area.
It certainly would be interesting to hear from some of them.

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There was another station on Verdun
Ave. and Osborne.Then they moved to the new Police & Firestation on Lasale Blvd.

Christmas Movie & Song

check this out.  Just a little Christmas movie & song.  Dannyb

New Year's Eve

Hi everyone, just want to let you all know, there is a New Year's Eve Dance
at the Verdun Legion "Branch #4"...$25.00..Hot Buffet (roast beef and/or ham)
$$$$CASH BAR$$$$.**door prizes** hats, noise makers, balloons to fall at midnight...for tickets please call (514)769-2489...Get your tickets fast..They are going like hot cakes..There is an excellent band "Midnight Blue" hurry and call, get your tickets now....Have a very happy holiday and be safe...DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!...

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A 2005 bilingual calendar of Verdun history

This message has been deleted by the author.

Canadian, eh?

Try the test ... see how much Canadiana you know!

"It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question." -- Decouvertes

SnowDays Greetings

Hey, I made you a snowflake! Check it out at

Post a reply to let me know what you think!


Jimmy Tapp

For those who might have missed Jimmy Tapp's  passing. A Montreal Radio And TV personality. CFCF-TV Carte Blanche, CFQR, CFCF 600AM, Blue Sky Review etc etc etc





James Anthony Tapp



OBITUARY JAMES ANTHONY (JIMMY) TAPP Peacefully, on November 20, 2004 at Oakville-Trafalger Memorial Hospital, in his eighty-seventh year. Dearly loved husband of fifty-eight years to Mary Moroney Tapp. Dear father of Nancy Featherstone (Paul), Rourke Tapp (Anne Marie), Judith Tapp, Colleen Tapp (John Grant), Stephen Tapp (Heather Gordon). Cherished "Pa" of Ben Featherstone (Laura Cornish), Kate Featherstone, Patrick (Karine Jolicoeur), Lauren, Kathleen and Liam Tapp, Clare and Pearse Grant. Great-grandfather of Meagan and Jacob Tapp and Simon Featherstone. Dear brother of Marie, Audrey and Shirley, and the late George, Bettie and Eileen. Sincere thanks to Dr. Joel Spector and the wonderful nurses at the Oakville Hospital. Friends and family will be received at the Ward Funeral Home, 109 Reynolds St., Oakville, (905) 844-3221 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday, November 22, 2004. Mass to be held at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, 47 Reynolds St., Oakville, on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 10 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to the O.T.M.H. Charitable Corporation, 327 Reynolds St., Oakville, ON, L6J 3L7, or the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated.
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 11/22/2004.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


From a proud Canadian!



"It is not the answer that enlightens, but the
question."  -- Decouvertes



 An American decided to write a book about
famous churches around the world.
 For his first chapter he decided to write
about American churches.

So he bought
a plane ticket and took a trip to Dallas Texas, thinking that he would work his
way across the country from South to North.

On his first
day he was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone
mounted on the wall with a sign that read "$10,000.00 per call".

The American,
being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what the telephone was
used for?

The priest
replied that it was a direct line to Heaven and that for $10,000.00 one could
talk directly to St. Peter.  The American thanked the priest and
went  along his way.

Next stop was
in Oklahoma City, there, at a very large cathedral, he saw the same golden
telephone with the same sign under it.  He wondered if this was the
same kind of telephone he saw in Dallas.

So he asked a
nearby nun what its purpose was?
  She told him that it was a direct line to
Heaven and that for $10,000.00 he could talk to St. Peter.

thank you," said the American.

He then
traveled to Topeka Kansas, Denver Colorado, and Billings, Montana.  
In every church  he saw the same golden telephone with the same
"$10,000.00 per call" sign under it.

Upon leaving
Montana, the American saw a sign
to CANADA and decided to see if Canadians had the same golden telephone.
 He arrived in
Calgary, Alberta again there was the same golden telephone, but this time the
sign under it read "25 cents per call".

The American
was surprised and intrigued so he asked the priest about the sign,
"Father, I've traveled all over America and I've seen this same golden telephone
in many churches.
  I'm told that it is a direct line to Heaven, but in every state
the price was $10,000.00 per call. 
Why is it so cheap here in Canada?

The priest
smiled and answered:  "You're in Canada now my son.  
So it's a local call."

smiling.........If you're proud to be Canadian.  Pass this on!


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Passing friends

Just wanted to share a picture of Gerry Hughes. He left this world in October 2004.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

wellington street memories

Can remember when the 58 streetcar went towards Woodland..did the circle and had to get the bus to take you Crawford Park,,Lasalle..or as it was called..Ville Lasalle.There was a soda shop  on the corner of Wellington and Woodland that made the largest milkshakes. Same corner had my first view of a zoot suiter..
While attending VHS for a lunch would walk down to the store that made milkshakes and had a May West for lunch.Then quit schhol and started to work at Rutherwood lumber millwork.Paid me 75 cents an hour.Even worked half a day on Saturdays..

Verdun recent ref.

Some recent references on Verdun


1) Borough of Verdun web site

2) Map of Verdun (2004):

3) Société d’histoire et de généalogie de Verdun

It may be of some help,

J.M. Hachey

Verdun yesteryears

This message has been deleted by the author.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Just wanted to wish everybody
a Merry Christmas N a Happy New Year.
Just incase I forget,U know old timers

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk was a railroad company back then
but does anybody remember the Grand Trunk Canoe Club.
When I was a member it was located
on the river side of the Stadium.
Do U remember it Les?
Does anybody?

hi friends

hi friends  i lived in verdun  i was  one of the  bad boys   for the city police   i lived on wellton and  3 ave  and  second ave  and verdub  i hope all my old friends are  doing well
Attachment: stanhooters.JPG

funural for roger sabourin

alfred dallaire funurel home on saturday dec 11 2004 from 11 a.m. till 3 30 p.m. .service in chapel immediatly after.7200newman blvd accross from toys r us.

Friday, December 10, 2004

nice p ic.

hey les that's a nice pic. of the city hall.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

"Lost Trails"

Anyone recall the Gleason's, Robert (Bob) and Dennis, originally from Richmond Quebec their Dad was an Train Engineer with CNR. I hung out with Bob at VHS 1959 - 1962. Dennis was his younger brother.
Bob later joined the USAF - Bob later worked as a refueler at Dorval Airport and last I heard he was out in Calgary Alberta again working at the Airport there
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

George nichol

Does anyone know the whereabouts of George Nichol,class of 1969,and how to contact him?


My kids found this site for me. I can't believe all the memories here that I'd forgotten. Anybody that wants to yak with an old Verdunite, please give me a shout. (If you remember me...:) Brady Blake

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Just a hello,

Was away for a bit ,just wanted to make sure was signed in.

Saturday, December 4, 2004


Would love to know how to get to chat with all the members from verdun highschool... ive clicked on the chat... but nothing comes up... says if you want to chat in verdun private room. click the chat button.. done that...?????
                                                    connie In confusion corner....

What park is this pic. from?

Hey Les
What park is that pic. from on the home page?
Trying to figure it out.
It's the pic. of the rinks.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Radio Stations

Does anybody have the sit for CKGM,that was a favorite of mine.
Or does anybody know the country radio station site.
That would be appreciated?
thank you.

Verdun High School Year Books

Thank you Linda and Maggie. Something to go on now.
Much aloha,

"Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you,
say what you've got to say, and say it hot."
--D.H. Lawrence.

 I thought this was funny

ArialBreaking News - Newfoundland

Hang on to any of the new Newfoundland quarters. If you have them,

may be worth much more than 25 cents. The Canadian Mint announced

that it is recalling all of the Newfoundland quarters that are part of

its program

featuring quarters  from each province. "We are recalling all the new

Newfoundland quarters that were recently issued," Canadian Mint Deputy

Minister Jack Shackleford said  Monday. "This action is being taken

after numerous reports that new quarters will not work in parking

meters, toll booths, vending machines,

pay phones, or other coin-operated devices."  The quarters were issued

in the order in which the various  provinces  joined Confederation and

have been a tremendous success among coin collectors worldwide. "The

problem lies in the unique design of the Newfoundland  quarter, which

was created by a team of Newfoundland natives," Shackleford said.

Apparently, the duct tape holding the two dimes and the

nickel together keeps jamming the coin-operated devices.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

signing in for December

I am here and Les , your one fantastic guy to keep this site going  along with your sidekicks  hang tough Jimmy

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Canada busy sending back Bush-dodgers



"If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without
soul, life ceases to have meaning.... The creative process shrivels in the
absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life
worth living."

-- Marion Woodman


Canada busy sending back

Tuesday, November 16,

The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified
in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal

The re-election of President Bush is prompting the exodus among left-leaning

citizens who fear they'll soon be required to hunt, pray and agree with Bill

Canadian border farmers say it's not uncommon to see dozens of sociology

professors, animal rights activists and Unitarians crossing their fields at

"I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood

producer huddled in the barn," said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield,

whose acreage borders North Dakota. The producer was cold, exhausted and

hungry. "He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken.

When I said I didn't have any, he left. Didn't even get a chance to show him my
screenplay, eh?"

In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but

liberals scaled them. So he tried installing speakers that blare Rush

Limbaugh across the fields.

"Not real effective," he said. "The liberals still got through,
and Rush annoyed

the cows so much they wouldn't give milk."

Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near

the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo station wagons, drive them across

the border and leave them to fend for themselves.

"A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions," an

border patrolman said. "I found one carload without a drop of drinking

They did have a nice little Napa Valley cabernet, though."

When liberals are caught, they're sent back across the border, often wailing

loudly that they fear retribution from conservatives. Rumors have been

circulating about the Bush administration establishing re-education camps in

which liberals will be forced to drink domestic beer and watch NASCAR.

In the days since the election, liberals
have turned to sometimes ingenious

ways of crossing the border. Some have taken to posing as senior citizens on

bus trips to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-

dozen young vegans disguised in powdered wigs, Canadian immigration

authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed senior-citizen

passengers. "If they can't identify the accordion player on The Lawrence

Show, we get suspicious about their age," an official said.

Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an

organic-broccoli shortage and renting all the good Susan Sarandon movies.

"I feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can't

support them," an Ottawa resident said. "How many art-history majors

one country need?"

In an effort to ease tensions between the United States and Canada, Vice

President Dick Cheney met with the Canadian ambassador and pledged that

the administration would take steps to reassure liberals, a source close to

Cheney said. "We're going to have some Peter, Paul & Mary concerts.
And we

might put some endangered species on postage stamps.

The president is determined to reach out."

Santa's Bad Day



"If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without
soul, life ceases to have meaning.... The creative process shrivels in the
absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life
worth living."

-- Marion Woodman



A Christmas story...


When four of Santa's elves got sick, and
the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones, Santa
was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule.


Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her Mom
was coming to visit. This stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he
found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence
and were out, heaven knows where. More stress.


Then when he began to load the sleigh
one of the boards cracked, and the toy bag fell to the ground and scattered the


So, frustrated, Santa went into the
house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard,
he discovered that the elves had hidden the liquor, and there was nothing to
drink. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider pot, and it broke
into hundreds of  little pieces all over the kitchen floor.


He went to get the broom and found that
mice had eaten the straw end of the broom.


Just then the doorbell rang, and
irritable Santa trudged to the door. He opened the door, and there was a little
angel with a great big Christmas tree. The angel said, very cheerfully,


"Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't it a
lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick


And so began the tradition of the little
angel on top of the Christmas tree.


Hope you smiled!!


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

looking for Ed Baryluk (Jr)

Looking for a childhood friend Ed Baryluk Jr, Lived on Conde St. in the Point then moved to Bannantyne Ave. in Verdun along with his cousin Richard Prendergast older brother of Kevin.
I went to Sarsfield School With Jr .and Richard. Like to touch base after all these years.

Remembering Verdun and Victoria, BC


Many years ago, 1970 1971, I too lived in Victoria on Government Street (at
Beacon St. if I remember correctly) about a 10-15 minute walk from the
Legislature not far from Beacon Hill Park.      It was Retirement Capital of
Canada (for the wealthy) at that time. 
Is it still?


  I celebrated my 19th




  Friends and family were constantly sending me newspaper
clippings of the soldiers on tops of buildings along Dorchester and the


had a little miniature poodle when I lived out there and we walked all over
that city together.  There was a snow
storm, which shut the city right down for about 3-days, schools closed, roads
closed but there was Rudy (my god) and I out there romping in the storm. 


I just loved Beacon Hill Park and the one thing I remember that amazed
me was there was holly growing.  I
had never seen holly growing before and there were signs around the park
stating $50.00 fine for picking the holly (and probably anything else as well)
so there I was out at midnight with my knife/sisters cutting branches of holly
to send back east for my parents and grandparents.   
I tried to preserve it for the long trip by lining boxes with tin foil
and liberally sprinkling water over the holly but I never thought it would take
over a month to get to Montreal. 
Boy, have times changed!



As for Elmhurst Dairy and the laughing cows, I just received an e-mail
from Peggy Curran of The Gazette. 


 Have a great day. 




"If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without
soul, life ceases to have meaning.... The creative process shrivels in the
absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life
worth living."

-- Marion Woodman


Monday, November 29, 2004

1978 graduated from Polyvalente MGR Richard

I lived in Dorval, but went to school in Verdun at Mgr Richard to learn a trade as a hairdresser, which I was for 10 years.There was a friend who I lost touch after graduating since I moved in Montreal, her name was Linda Comeau who also studied as a haidresser, I would just like to know how she's doing if you see this Linda send me an email.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

laughing cows-la veche quit rit

This message has been deleted by the author.

Debbie Hoey

At our reunion in Lasalle a few years back (3 or 4?) we chatted and Deb sent me an e-mail but her return e-mail address never worked. Does anyone have a contact e-mail address for her?

Elmhurst Dairy




"When I let go of what I am,

  I become what I
might be."

-- Lao Tzu


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Verdun High Year Books

Someone must have saved their VHS year books from the 50s. I lost mine
in the many moves I made over the years. I think I can talk for the
'senior citizens Verdunite' here in saying, we'd appreciate going down
memory lane. Try scanning one or two pages, we would like very much to
see ourselves as teenagers I'm sure.

"If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and
essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of
thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a
successful day."
- Alex Noble

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Outdoor rinks

I used to play hockey for Norman Dawe
On the Egan park rink(it ran between Egan & woodland above Bannatyne) there was the bakery right behind it.U used to sit inside the shack with a potbelly stove in it for heat eating fresh bread.This was in the 50tys.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

anti virus

both my hubby and i have pc. and are running norton 2005. he was forever getting his broser hijacked and trojans, he just had his pc redone again and the tech recomened avg free. if he goes anywhere it will automaticall block trojans, and  virsus. i noticed it scans all my email as it is comming in better than norton. best of all it is free patsy

Monday, November 22, 2004

May Jimmy Tapp rest in peace...

OBITUARY JAMES ANTHONY (JIMMY) TAPP Peacefully, on November 20, 2004 at Oakville-Trafalger Memorial Hospital, in his eighty-seventh year. Dearly loved husband of fifty-eight years to Mary Moroney Tapp. Dear father of Nancy Featherstone (Paul), Rourke Tapp (Anne Marie), Judith Tapp, Colleen Tapp (John Grant), Stephen Tapp (Heather Gordon). Cherished "Pa" of Ben Featherstone (Laura Cornish), Kate Featherstone, Patrick (Karine Jolicoeur), Lauren, Kathleen and Liam Tapp, Clare and Pearse Grant. Great-grandfather of Meagan and Jacob Tapp and Simon Featherstone. Dear brother of Marie, Audrey and Shirley, and the late George, Bettie and Eileen. Sincere thanks to Dr. Joel Spector and the wonderful nurses at the Oakville Hospital. Friends and family will be received at the Ward Funeral Home, 109 Reynolds St., Oakville, (905) 844-3221 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday, November 22, 2004. Mass to be held at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, 47 Reynolds St., Oakville, on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 10 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to the O.T.M.H. Charitable Corporation, 327 Reynolds St., Oakville, ON, L6J 3L7, or the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated.
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 11/22/2004.


Sunday, November 21, 2004

Grey Cup Fever

Who do you the will win B.C or Toronto my pick Toronto.We just have
to see now get the brewkies and chips now

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Fwd: Fw: Things That make You say Holy %&#*!]

>Subject: Fwd: Fw: Things That make You say Holy %&#*!]
>Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:00:25 EST

Back in '54 and the other Maurice, Etc

1954: Quebec
Tax Dispute.

Since Quebec is the only province in Canada
which bases its jurisprudence on the Code Napol챕on, Quebec's Premier Maurice
Duplessis believes this allows him prior rights in (provincial) income tax
amounting to 15 per cent of federal taxes. Duplessis wanted all the provincial
levy deductible from federal tax bills. Canada's Prime Minister St. Laurent
allowed only 5 per cent to be deductible and as a result Quebeckers had to pay a
double tax of 10 per cent.

In a speech given in September St. Laurent attacked Duplessis' policy,
saying the real issue was Duplessis' continuing feud with the federal
government. He rejected federal aid for Quebec universities; he refused federal
grants to build the Trans-Canada Highway in Quebec; and he was the only premier
who refused to sign a tax agreement with Ottawa.

Several weeks later Duplessis and St. Laurent came to an agreement.
Duplessis would submit a definite proposal to Ottawa, probably agreeing to lower
provincial tax rates to 7.5 per cent. Ottawa would then raise the deductible
limit to 7.5 per cent and thus wipe out Quebec's double tax. Duplessis will
withdraw his claim of prior rights in income taxation.




On November 8, two by-elections were held, one in St. Antoine, Westmount,
in which the successful candidate was George Marler, Liberal; the other in St.
Lawrence-St. George, in which the successful candidate was Claude Richardson,


New Iron-Ore Development.

In August, at Seven Islands, the Iron Ore Co. of Canada sent its first
load of iron ore from Quebec's Ungava iron fields.


Half a century ago geologists were sure iron ore lay buried beneath the
lichens of Ungava but there seemed no practical or profitable way of moving it.
In 1942 James Timmins, a Montreal gold-mining magnate, decided to take the
challenge. It took 12 years, more than $250 million, and 7,000 men to make his
dream come true. He raised more than $10 million to survey the Ungava property
and had to prove the ore was of sufficiently high grade (50 per cent or more
iron content) to be attractive to steelmakers. They were able to block out 400
million tons, assaying nearly 60 per cent iron, and to estimate that there are
at least another 600 million tons in the area. With the help of George Humphrey,
president of M. A. Hanna Co. of Cleveland, the Iron Ore Co. of Canada was
founded. A 17-plane airlift, flying as many as 96 flights a day, began
transporting men and freight into the Ungava wilderness to lay out town sites,
build power plants, and dig ore pits. Bulldozers scraped a network of roads out
of the rugged ground. Docks for ocean-going ships were built. A 357-mile private
railroad was pushed across rivers and through mountains from Seven Islands
northward to the mine site.

In August the whole project was completed. Nine 100-car trains a day
roll from the mine to the Seven Islands docks, and iron ore is sent to
Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. By 1957, about 10 million
tons of ore a year will be coming out of Ungava's veins.


New Power Projects.

The Iron Ore Co. of Canada plans other vast new projects, including
development of the estimated 4,000,000 hp hydroelectric potential of Hamilton
Falls; the establishment of a new aluminum smelting industry using the power
from Hamilton Falls; and a continuation of the Quebec North Shore and Labrador
Railroad from Schefferville through to Fort Chimo.




Area and Population.

Land area, 594,860 sq. mi. Census, 1951, 4,055,681; June 1, 1954 est.,
4,388,000. Quebec, cap., 164,016 (1951); Montreal, 1,021,520; Verdun, 77,391;
Sherbrooke, 50,543.



Legislative assembly, 92 members (67 Union Nationale, 22 Liberal, one
Independent, 2 vacancies). Lieut.-Governor, Hon. Gaspard Fauteaux; Premier,
Maurice Duplessis. Finance. Ordinary revenue (1952-1953 fiscal year, in Canadian
dollars), $283,617,541; ordinary expenditure, $254,729,722.



Gross value of agricultural production (1952), $472,292,000; cash
income from sale of farm products, $386,000,000 (including, principally,
livestock, $125,328,000; dairy products, $127,974,000; forest products,
$46,589,000; poultry and eggs, $35,951,000; fruits and vegetables, $10,980,000;
maple products and honey, $7,751,000. Gross value of products of pulp and paper
industry (1951), $524,164,254. Value of mineral production (1952), $270,739,552.
Total value of fur production (est., 1951-1952 season), $2,343,787. Gross value
of products of industrial establishments (1951),

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Did you know.....

In order to save my mail account from getting clogged beyond belief while I am away on vacation, I turned off the message forwarding feature of MSN groups.  One thing I noticed was that this group averages 140 messages per day.......  So I guess this is a new cultural event.. The "Verdun GabFest Online"


This message has been deleted by the author.



Back Then Sounds

Here are a couple of web page sites with all kinds of songs. We all danced to at Dawson's Boys & Girls Club, The YMCA or VHS dances. Check them out and enjoy. and follow the links I think you'll have some fun and enjoy the memories.
Gary Mace

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tommy Mann

A while back someone was asking about Tommy Mann.      The last he knew of Tommy he was living
in Chateauguay and he used to drive the zamboni for the Verdun Auditorium.    His brother Donnie and family are
living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 
  My brother,
Gordon, sees and hears from him frequently.



"A good friend - like a tube of toothpaste - comes through
in a tight



Verdun early 50's

I well remember the Savoy theatre ... we used to get a "big kid" that could pass for 16 to go in and open the side door on Willibrod I think, and let us sneak in... we would then buy 5  cent bags of Duchess potato chips   ...  lol
I also had two old maid aunts who owned the Fifth Ave. Theatre ... Noreen and Sylvia Kelly.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Christmas just around the corner

Is it just me or Christmas seems to be rushing in this year I can,t believe that
it almost mid-November with the Santa Claus parade yesterday brings a little
spirit of Christmas in the air But Wheres the Snow! were always digging a
few inches buy now right.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Verdun reunion - Toronto

I understand that there may be an annual reunion of Verdun-ians in Toronto. I'm looking for the date and place. Can anyone help? (Bob Francoeur)

Class of 74

Hope you have the time of your lives tonight tell us all about
show pictures Enjoy yourselfs take care

Peter Mcderment

Wondering if anyone knows if Peter is still around. He lived on Brown and has a sister Janet. He was a Beurling boy. I went to the Verdun grad with Pete. Haven't heard anything of/about him in close to 20 years.......

Friday, November 12, 2004

Lighten up.

Have you been guilty of looking at others your own age and
thinking, "Surely I can't look that old?"
I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment
with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS diploma, which bore his full
name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the
same name had been in my high school class some 40-odd years ago. Upon
seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such
thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face 'was
way too old to have been my classmate. After he examined my teeth, I
asked him if he had attended Lawton Senior High school. "Yes. Yes, I
did. I'm a Wolverine." he gleamed with pride. "When did you graduate?"
I asked. He answered, "In 1961. Why do you ask?" "You were in my
class!" I exclaimed. He looked at me closely. Then, that ugly, old,
wrinkled son-of-a-bitch asked, "What did you teach?"

Thursday, November 11, 2004



Wednesday, November 10, 2004


 hahaha I have not been in for ages now. and loooky looky I return. right along with the beginning of the""snowbabies"  ARE YOU ALL HAPPY its that time of yr again.....hahahaha"

Tuesday, November 9, 2004



Remembering Verdun - Mat Night

We used to love Mat Night. 
One year my girlfriends and I, I guess there was about 6 of us, gathered
the mats from most of the flat on Manning, Moffat and Beatty (between Verdun Ave.
and Bannantyne) and lined them up, starting at the front door of St. John the
Devine church on Moffat.  We had
them coming down the front path and then turning right and left of the path along
the sidewalks. 




"LEST WE FORGET" - Rememberance Day, November 11, 2004


Class of 1980 LaSalle High

Looking for the class of 1980, LaSalle High. There is a reunion in the planning! Can you help them find their classmates?

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Autumn in Montreal

Its been awhile since I've contributed - time sure flies by.
I've posted some photos I took while in Montreal the 1st wk of October.
I've also posted a pic of my great nieces Kiera and Ainsley they're mom is Cindy Hunt and they granparents are Marty and Sheila Hunt(nee Gilligan)
I've also posted a pic of their family with my mom as well. Please show your mom.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy the views of the fall.
Take Care, Kelly

old gang

Anyone here that used to hang around Cosy Lunch in the 1950's?

First and Bannantyne Ave.

Hi, looking for friends from the 50's and before, from First Ave,,such as Albert Mitchell, Harold Porter, Cammie Smith and anyone else.

Friday, November 5, 2004

History of the Boardwalk



I hope you or someone will place this on the History of Verdun section
of Verdun Connections, it is well worth keeping.




"LEST WE FORGET" - Rememberance Day, November 11, 2004


Wednesday, November 3, 2004


Looking for Thomas (Tommy) Mann, brother of Donald Mann, used to live on Egan st. any info would be greatly appreciated

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

BC Hwy webcams

Mom 19451 (Linda) & TinyTina of course ,and anyone who's interested , here's a website with webcams of Hwy condintions throughout our province (Our 2nd Prov. that is)  it shows some real changes in the weather from the Vancouner Island to Revelstoke & Fort St Whistler etc etc ...     Hope it's of some interest.particularly if you have to travel............

Monday, November 1, 2004

Christmas Shopping

Well folks Halloween over what a bad
night for the little ones last night with that rain
I crossed my fingers for them . well that over now
its time to shop Christmas but I started in July
just have a little left and then I,am done if you
are one of those last minute shoppers get cracking.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ever notice.....

Ever notice that when you're retired, and time is not of the essence, you never, ever forget to turn back the clock?  But when you're younger and have appointments, or whatever, you usually run 1 hour late for everything.  Life sure is funny.
Happy Hallowe'en and take care of the little ones.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Remember when??

Hello to all Verdunites:
For those of you who relish the nostalgia brought on by "remember when..." sayings from the past,  visit the following site:

The site brought back a lot of great memories for me.  It should do likewsie for many of you also. 
Cheers from the desert southwest.  Bill--formerly on 1st Ave and Allard Ave. also.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Christmas reunion 2004 Toronto

I've just found this site - can anyone tell me about the Strathcona Christmas reunion. Is it well attended - I'm a class of '68 graduate - what are the chances of meeting my peers at this event?

Lancaster, Ontario

Lorna Reid:
I see you live in Cornwall. We visited my wife's mother at the Chateau Gardens nursing home in beautiful downtown Lancaster last weekend. I expect that we will be making regulars visits for the immediate future.
I went for a walk in the Cooper Marsh Conservation Park on Saturday. It is an impressive facility.
As for Lancaster, how does this community survive? I expect that a number of residents live in eastern Ontario and work in the west island of Montreal.
Gord Gibbons

Hello Verdunites.

I just got back from visiting my granddaughters in Calgary (photos in
my album 'Verdunite at heart'). Missed the snow by one day!
I also joined the US navy in 59. Went to the Great Lakes basic
training, and sent to the USS Bausell for a few months, and to the USS
Ammen. This ship had a collision with another destroyer and the
survivors all got choice of duty. I picked Japan and stayed there at a
naval air station for three years. A year after my discharge I joined
the US merchant marine and serviced the Vietnam war with tanks, armored
personnel carriers, and napalm for ten years. Yuk! I retired in 98.
My dad served in the Canadian army during WW2. He spent the entire war
overseas. Wounded in Italy and recovered in England. I was 5 when I
seen him for the first time.
Bill Cooper.

"The moon gives you light, and the bugles and the drums give you music,
and my heart, O my soldiers, my veterans, my heart gives you love."-
Walt Whitman

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I need the recipe for bottling pickled green beans.
can u help ?

Monday, October 25, 2004

Norm Zubis

I made an original Post in Music Matters concerning Norm Zubis and I don't know that many of us visit that particular Message Board so I thought I might add some additional info in this Posting.
I must admit that I did not know Norm Zubis well but knew of him, he was from my era at VHS. Some time ago on this Board or another someone requested info about Norm. Thus after searching the Web found a website with info about Norm and his music and I got in touch with Chris Gore. Chris being a good friend and fellow musician informed me that Norm Zubis died at age 52 of Lymphoma in, he thought, 1996. Norm apparently played music in a nightclub called, Upstairs, which was owned by Chris Gore.
"R.I.P." Norm - and for those of you who enjoy music check out the site it is mentioned in my post in Music Matters.
I have attached my email exchange with Chris Gore about Norm.
Regards all,
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC

Saturday, October 23, 2004

SecondAve Concerns

Hello Bill , SecondAve............what seens to be your problem posting pics, if I can be of help,then I would be happy to help you..........Ask your question and I'll try to help........if I can't then I know that Maggie or Sharon would be anxious to help..........I don;t profess to know all the in 's & outs of the workngs of this site,      ............but I will do everything I can to asisst you...........What's Your Query?.............

Friday, October 22, 2004

Captain Kirk wants to go to space

Shatner Wants In on Space Tourism
October 22, 2004
"Star Trek" star William Shatner and Red Hot Chili
Peppers guitarist
Dave Navarro are among thousands of people who want to fly
on Virgin's
proposed commercial space flights, company chief Richard Branson


Branson said more than 7,000 people had registered
their willingness to pay the
$210,000 fare for the service, which promises
to send passengers 70 miles above
the Earth.


Speaking from California's Mojave desert, Branson
told Britain's Press
Association news agency there had been "tremendous
take-up" of the idea since he
announced it last month.


"We are extremely pleased because it just means in
a sense that the gamble we
took seems to have paid off," he


Branson, 54, said he had committed $110 million
toward spaceships and ground
infrastructure for the new service, Virgin
Galactic. He also plans to spend up
to $26 million to license the technology
of SpaceShipOne, the rocket-plane that
made two successful suborbital space
flights earlier this month to capture the
US$10 million Ansari X


Virgin hoped to offer flights — lasting about 3 1/2
hours including six minutes
of weightlessness — by 2008.


Branson said he would go on the first flight, along with family members

including his father, now 86.


"My dad has put his hand up and will be 90 at the time, my kids definitely
to come and if there is room for my mum she will come as well," Branson
told PA.


But he said his wife Joan "will have her feet firmly on the ground, I
trying to encourage the kids to stay on the ground."


Branson is one of Britain's best known and most colorful entrepreneurs. His

Virgin Group (search) began as a record label, and now sells everything from

soft drinks to bridal gowns, and even runs a train service and mobile phone




Debbie Toohey

Just wondering if anyone is still in touch with Debbie Toohey. It would be nice to know if she is still in Verdun. She used to live at 1st Ave and Bannantyne, across from Willibroad Park 

Anyone remember the Sanders +/or Minchinton families?

Hi. My grandmother grew up in Verdun. She remembers when most of the area was still covered in fields! I was wondering if anyone remembers the Sanders family, children were: Mimi, Alec, Marge, Albert and Gladys. Also interested in any memories of the Minchinton family. Would love to hear from anyone with a connection to these families. Thanks. Kelly

Anyone remember Sanders +/or Minchinton Family?

Hi. My grandmother grew up in Verdun. She remembers when most of the area was still covered in fields! I was wondering if anyone remembers the Sanders family, children were: Mimi, Alec, Marge, Albert and Gladys. Also interested in any memories of the Minchinton family. Would love to hear from anyone with a connection to these families. Thanks. Kelly

Thursday, October 21, 2004

jolly rogers motorcycle club

  I'm a new member, just wanting to know if anyone remembers the
  above club,believe it was around the 1947-50s.
  I lived on Rushbrooke St. next to Rene's resturant.
  Most of the members also were part of the ball club that Rene sponsored. Some of the names are  Chubby Thompson, Cliff Moron, Vern Roberts,  and many others.


After submitting the below poem to the Montreal Star and then the Montreal Gazette for 29 years, had to miss the 30th year. Reason, they had my ad weeks before and called me yesterday to tell me they needed. $131.00 cash/credit credit card to submit the ad. First time in 30 years. Guess they really need the cash..(ya right, as if)
Barbra Jayne Worsley
We all miss your cheerful smile, Barbra
Our memories of you will never fade away
You held the love that was offered
and the friendship in our heart
What you gave was much more precious
You gave us a brand new start
For awhile we lost our answers
And we said what should be said
Then there were others trying to show us
To take their way instead
But you listened and you touched us
with your body and your mind
And you saw in us the person
That we almost left behind
Though you are no longer with us
And our bodies are apart
The memories of your ways
Will Always be in our heart
Oct. 21, 1964 --Oct 21, 1974

Monday, October 18, 2004

looking for Jim Miller

Does any one know of Jim Miller, he lived on 3rd Ave. Was born in 1941 would make him 62 of 63


Sunday, October 17, 2004


hi does anyone info on jennifer  if she is still montreal (verdun)
any help will be greatly appericiated
thanks kindly
johnny piskopos

Saturday, October 16, 2004

"Torchies " Wharf

Does anyone remember this place? I used to go fishing there with my Grandfather...all I remember catching was a gross looking the Verdun Boat Club still in existence (those tiny shacks all in a row on the waterfront?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Norman Zubis

Anyone remember Norman Zubis. I recall someone asking about Norman Zubis either here or on another board.
I knew of him and vaguely recall that he was a muscian and attended VHS - late 50's early 60's.
I did a bit of searching on the net and found the following site with reference to Zubis and his music thought it might interest some of us. I believe Zubis died some years ago and this web site gives me that impression. and go the Zubis reference. I have also attached a photo of Zubis a two of his friends that iI downloaded from the site. Might jog some memories.
I have attached to this message hope it works.
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC

Sunday, October 10, 2004

What was There?

Who remembers what the name of the building that was located at the very end of Woodland, if you went past it, you were on the Boardwalk looking at the Mighty St Lawrence. My Mom and Dad worked there in the mid 40's and I hung out there in the mid 50's.
By the way, I put together a family web page a few months ago, you all come by now, you hear, your all welcome to visit.  Take a look, surf around and oh yeah, if you have a few seconds sign my guest book. 
I really like this site, really active and full of good readings
C U All later 
Bob Gaboury

Faded Photographs

Hey NavyBob, why don't you add that great photo of your parents to the Faded Photographs Album in the Pictures section. That way people can still view it long after your message gets lost way back there.

Saturday, October 9, 2004


Hi there.I am more than amazed that there is actually a group for Verdunites.I have lived here for a year now.It took some getting used to. I grew up in the west island,and lived downtown for 8 years b4 coming here.I hope to talk to you in the near future.

Hello Verdunites

Just want to say hi to all of you group members. I may know some of you.
I came about the group while surfing for info on Verdun.
I was raised in Verdun and lived there from 1940 to 1960.
I lived at 470 Gordon and reading some of the trivia sure brings back some good old memories of Verdun and it's surroundings. 
Went to St Willibroad's from the 1st grade to the 7th.
My folks owned the store at the corner of Bannantyne and Gordon, it was called Mado's then.
I left Verdun in 1960 and joined the US Navy, spent 20 years running ariund the world and finally settled down in California, "No Winters"
If any of you want to send an email, it will be very welcome, Looking to maybe find some of my old friends from that era.
Best Regards to all,
Bob Gaboury   

Friday, October 8, 2004

Riverview School

Dear Verdunites and Riverview Alumni:

I am trying to get any information that anyone has about Mr. Hebb, who was a principal at Riverview for several years circa the late 1920s to the 1930s.

Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Hebb while he was at Riverview or is, or knows, someone who was a student during the Hebb years can contact me at:

I'm also looking for anyone who has access to records from the school during the same period that might tell us anything about Hebb while he was there.. My Mom still lives in Verdun, so I can visit and collect information from anyone who can help. (I went to Woodland (but don't hold that against me).

For those who are interested, the young Mr. Hebb went on to become one of the most influential psychologists-neuroscientists of the 20th century.



Dr. Bryan D. Fantie
Associate Professor
Director, Human Neuropsychology Laboratory
Department of Psychology
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20016-8062

202-885-1790 (Office)
202-885-1023 (Fax)

Monday, October 4, 2004

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

Try checking out the history to find out where your kids have been. Or if
you are close with them they will give you thier pass word. I have my
yougest sons, & just put a block on him receiving invites from his friends
asking him to join hi5 which is a site for 18 yrs and over. By the way he is

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Saint Helens history


Saint Helens, Mount, active
volcano, southwestern Washington, in the Cascade Range. The volcano, which had
been dormant since 1857, began to show signs of renewed activity in early 1980
when a column of magma began pushing up inside the mountain, causing the north
face of the mountain to bulge out. On May 18, 1980, an earthquake caused a
landslide on the mountain’s north face, taking off the top of the mountain. The
landslide triggered the main eruption by “uncorking” the column of magma that
had been building up. The eruption spewed a cloud of ash and gases as high as 19
km (12 mi). The blast killed 57 people and damaged life in an area of some 180
sq km (some 70 sq mi), and a vast area was covered with ash and debris. As a
result of the eruption, the mountain's elevation was decreased from 2,950 m
(9,677 ft) to 2,550 m (8,365 ft). A minor eruption occurred in 1982, and the
last magma-producing eruption was in 1986. The Mount Saint Helens National
Volcanic Monument was established there in 1983.

Dr. Battersby?

Did anyone hear that Dr. Battersby passed away?
I believe the following obituary that appears in today's Gazette is the same old doc that used to have his office in that small basement room on Wellington St. in the Point...May he rest in peace. That old doc cured me of many ills in my childhood.
Obituaries (10/02/04)
BATTERSBY, Lawrence Henry. Physician, died peacefully September 14, 2004. Much loved husband of Ruth. A beloved brother-in-law and treasured friend of many. In accordance with his wishes there was no funeral.

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Crotchety Harry Truman remains an icon of the eruption

Les .. you may recall this ...

If it turns out he is right. Will "Oh Canada" be booed at sporting, Etc., eve

Landry predicts Quebec independence

Les Perreaux

Saturday, October 02, 2004

QUEBEC -- Quebec will be an independent country in five years, Parti
Quebecois Leader Bernard Landry predicted Friday at a meeting of Quebec

Though Landry has made similar predictions in the past, his comments raised
the spectre that another sovereignty referendum might immediately follow a PQ
win in the next Quebec election.

There are more than three years remaining in current premier Jean Charest's

"Five years from now we will achieve national independence," Landry, 67, said
in a speech to a Quebec sovereignty group.

"If it were much longer, I wouldn't have the time to lead this extraordinary
movement. Believe me when I say five years, it's because I believe five years."

PQ leaders have been reluctant to commit to a sovereignty timeline since
their razor-thin defeat in the 1995 referendum. Former premier Lucien Bouchard
said he would wait for "winning conditions" before calling another referendum.

A tearful Bouchard quit as premier in 2001, saying he had failed to achieve
such conditions.

Landry also adopted the go-slow approach to sovereignty when he replaced

But he has routinely fired up sovereigntists in recent years by starting
countdowns to take Quebec out of Canada, without declaring a referendum date.

In September 2001, Landry said he would love for Quebec to be a full-fledged
country participating in the Summit of the Americas to be held in Buenos Aires
in 2005.

At a party meeting in September 2002, he said he wanted Quebec

independence within 1,000 days, or three years.

But the deadlines were cast to the winds when the PQ was trounced by
Charest's Liberals in last year's election.

Following his election loss in April 2003, Landry launched a so-called
"season of ideas" to debate the PQ's approach to sovereignty and governance.

The debate within his party has put into question Landry's leadership and the
PQ's sovereignty strategy.

Former premier Jacques Parizeau proposed an aggressive new strategy that
would see the party move directly toward Quebec independence after a PQ election

The plan would eliminate the need for the sovereignty referendums that were
held in 1980 and 1995 and have long been the main element in PQ strategy.

Landry and other longtime PQ stalwarts suggested Parizeau's strategy is too
risky. Federal leaders said it's also illegal.

PQ legislature members have recently questioned the sovereignty movement's
appeal among young Quebecers.

Three young PQ members spent the summer interviewing young Quebecers and
wrote in a report that the movement is "outmoded, outdated and dilapidated" and
doesn't respond to the aspirations of young people.

Landry and Parizeau said Friday that sovereignty is the best tool to protect
Quebecers from the ravages of globalization, an issue that appeals to many

"Our health care system, our water, our cultural industries, these things
concern us all, will be debated at international forums this year, next year and
the year after," Parizeau said during a video-taped interview that was played
for the meeting.

Quebec is not at the table," he added. "Everyone understands that the
nation-state is the best protection against globalization."

Sovereigntist leaders said recent recycled buzzwords that have surfaced to
describe Quebec's relations with the rest of Canada won't satisfy nationalist
aspirations in the province.

Sovereigntists scoffed at Quebec's recent side deal on health care, hailed by
federalists as the dawn of a new era of asymmetrical federalism.

Federalists have used the term to describe a flexible arrangement that
recognizes Quebec's distinctiveness.

"They are drowning Quebec's specificity in distinctions without any
difference," said Gerald Larose, president of the Conseil de la souverainete du

"It just confirms that Canada does not recognize the Quebec nation or

The 10-year, $41.3-billion health deal stipulates that provinces co-operate
in establishing common standards to measure wait times, for such things as
surgery, by the end of 2005.

But the federal government signed a side deal with Quebec that allowed the
province to get the new federal funding with no strings attached.

For Les and friends

ALERT: Mount St. Helens in Washington is spewing ash and steam,
scientists say a bigger eruption could happen soon. This means sky
in western North America should be alert for blue moons in the
weeks ahead.
Airborne particles from volcanoes can act like a
color-filter, shading the
moon (or even the sun) blue.

Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens is still rumbling as of 10:00pm Pacific time. Does that mean another eruption is on the way?  No one knows for sure. Life is full of surprises. Winston Allison

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I thought this was funny

Message from
Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).

<>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
Giving up on

We didn't like him either but we still had him on our mailing list..................

Sad to see

Sorry to hear about the passing of John Foisy a few weeks ago.    As kids we grew up a few houses from each other on Galt street, having a couple of brothers myself it seems we were always fighting with each other or being the best of friends.   In John's case it was the Rhyme... Fuzzy Was He had no hair. it could be the catalyst for a fight or the prelude to a lot of fun.  As we grew older naturally we grew apart and lost touch.  I guess it's been over 20 years since I last spoke with him, but it still saddens me to hear of people so young passing on. 
Obituaries (09/13/04)
FOISY, John William. Passed away from a short illness on August 27, 2004 at the age of forty-seven years. Predeceased by his parents Joseph Edmond and Mary Violet Beaulieu. He leaves to mourn his sister Eileen as well as his brothers James and Michael. He will be missed by his nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Funeral service will be held on September 16 at 1 p.m. at St. Willibrord's Parish, 351 Willibrord Avenue, Verdun, beginning at 1 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Interior Health, Moog & Friends Hospice House, 1701 Government Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 8J7.
The Montreal Gazette,

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Heading to Verdun Oct. 6th

Signing in for Sept.  Heading home in two weeks.  Anyone recommend the best place to get a smoked meat sandwich? 
Deanne Merandi (Scanlan)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Neilson family from Egan

Does anyone have any info as to the whereabouts they might be.Im looking for Derrick he is one of the sons,we grew up together and I would love to get in touch with him.Any info would help.Thanks Lorna

Where is Diane Christie

This message has been deleted by the author.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Signing in for Sept

Hey gang, Mike Veinot from Allard, signing in for Sept.

Marc Denis CKGM Memories Web Site

This site is an awesome collection of CKGM memorabilia. Sound clips from DJ's dating back through the 60's & 70's. Includes a clip from the 1969 Expo vs. Philadephia - bottom of the 9th inning where Bill Stoneman threw his no-hitter.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Need A Friend

Just would like someone to talk too come on all you Verdunites.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

new cdn tv show/Instant Star

hi folks

we just finished Instant Star which will be given a "sneak peek " this evening with the broadcast of the first 2 episodes of "Instant Star" right after Canadian Idol.
the young lady who stars in it is a tremendous talent and i would recommend checking it out.

i might be a little biased because i worked on it, but none the less, i think its worth checking out and hopefully you enjoy it support our battered independant film & television industry. we're taking a kicking fromall the us produced shows

Instant Star airs @ 9:00 Eastern Time

thanx for watching

david moffat

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

for September

Just checking who's on board and checking in for September.
Cheers, Linda

Monday, September 13, 2004

Favourite pics of Modern Day craft

This message has been deleted by the manager or assistant manager.

Trip to Winnipeg

Hey guys. I'm visiting Winnipeg this Saturday for a week. Any suggestions as far as attractions or must see while I'm there   Thanks Mike

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Here is a inexpensive 'personals' site I belong to. I have met some
lovely filipino ladies from around the world. It is for men and women.
Just a thought.
Bill, Second Avenue.

"Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you,
say what you've got to say, and say it hot."
--D.H. Lawrence.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

lookg 4 GUMMA PAIK

Hi.  Gumma and I went to Verdun High School together and graduated 1969-1970.  She was one of my bridesmaids in 1973.  If anyone knows how I could get in touch with her or her brother Young, would be most happy.  Thanks you.    Heather Ryan (now living in Lasalle)  O:-) 
my msn messenger

Monday, September 6, 2004



Sunday, September 5, 2004

Allard Ave.

lived on Allard Ave. between Monteith and Beurling.  Had 5 kids.  The boys Peter, Brian played street hockey with John F, Bruce B. etc. Does anyone remember?

Old time Verdunite

Signing in as a new member.

Friday, September 3, 2004

our friends in florida

let us all stop for a moment and say a prayer for our friends and the people of florida  for their safety. patsy

Jack Brayton

To all old friends in Verdun, it is with great sadness to let you know that Jack passed away in January 2004 of a heart attack. Jack and I (Beverly Herman) were married for 43 years and had two children, Judi and John. We all live in the Cobourg, Ontario area now and have done so since 1970. We still miss Verdun and go back periodically to visit the remaining family members. I know Jack had a lot of friends from the island and the river and thought you would like to know of his passing. Would love to hear from some of you anytime. Sincerely Beverly Brayton

Avro origins?

Those who believe .. this may be of
interest ing viewing ....


Thursday, September 2, 2004

I finally found this site

Hello All
Just wanted to hello, I finally found this site. I am one of the few that made the trek back to Montreal and I've been back since 1988.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Who is greatest Canadian?

School Back!

Its the most wonderful time of the year The summer been to
long All the best to all the kids out there for a great year ahead Hope you get lots of HOMEWORK ! HA HA HA

Monday, August 30, 2004

Church Ave. flooding

Seeing the picture of Church Avenue flooded reminded me of my mom talking about how there used to be a "floating" sidewalk all the way down Church Ave because flooding was not unusual