Thursday, November 30, 2006

A cute joke

This Year's First Christmas Joke
Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the
pearly gates.

In honor of this holy season" Saint Peter said, "You must each possess
something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven."

The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter.
He flicked it on. "It represents a candle", he said.
You may pass through the pearly gates" Saint Peter said.

The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys.
He shook them and said, "They're bells."

Saint Peter said "You may pass through the pearly gates".

The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and
finally pulled out a pair of women's panties.

St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, "And just
what do those symbolize?"

The man replied, "These
are Carols."
And So The Christmas Season
Hope everyone enjoys the Christmas season, and a ll your troubles are small. Much love to each of my Verdun Connection Friends
AH, Yes....I remember her well......Winston Allison

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Nanny's Hands

Guarantee you'll look at/feel differently about yours after



Grandma, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench.

She didn't move, just sat with her head down staring at her

hands. When I sat down beside her she didn't acknowledge my presence and


Longer I sat I wondered if she was OK.


Finally, not really wanting to disturb her but wanting to check

on her at the same time,I asked her if she was OK. She raised

her head and looked at me and smiled. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you

for asking", she said in a clear strong voice.


"I didn't mean to disturb you, grandma, but you were just

sitting here staring at your hands and I wanted to make sure

you were OK", I explained to her.


"Have you ever looked at your hands?" she asked. "I mean really

looked at your hands?"


I slowly opened my hands and stared down at them. I turned them

over, palms up and then palms down. No, I guess I had never really

looked at my hands as I tried to figure out the point she was



Grandma smiled and related this story: "Stop and think for a

moment about the hands you have, how they have served you well

throughout your years. These hands, though wrinkled, shriveled and weak

have been the tools I have used all my life to reach out and grab and

embrace life.


They braced and caught my fall when as a toddler I crashed upon

the floor. They put food in my mouth and clothes on my back. As

a child my mother taught me to fold them in prayer. They tied

my shoes and pulled on my boots.


They dried the tears of my children and caressed the love of my

life. They wiped my tears when my husband went off to war. They have

been dirty, scraped and raw, swollen and bent.


They were uneasy and clumsy when I tried to hold our newborn

daughter. Decorated with my wedding band they showed the world

that I was married and loved someone special. They wrote the letters

home and

Trembled and shook when I buried my parents and spouse.


They have held children, consoled neighbors, and shook in fists

Of anger when I didn't understand. They have covered my face, combed my

hair, and washed and cleansed the rest of my body. They have been sticky

And wet, bent and broken, dried and raw. And to this day when not much

of anything else of me works real well these hands hold me up,

lay me down, and again continue to fold in prayer. These hands are the

mark of

Where I've been and the ruggedness of my life.


But more importantly it will be these hands that God will reach

Out and take when he leads me home. And with my hands He will lift me

To His side and there I will use these hands to touch the face of



I will never look at my hands the same again. But I remember

God reached out and took my grandma's hands and led her home. When my


Are hurt or sore or when I stroke the face of my children and husband I

Think of Grandma. I know she has been stroked and caressed and held by

The hands of God.


I, too, want to touch the face of God and feel his hands upon

my face.

Have a great night.

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ice storm

An ice storm started last nigh at 11:15. We went to bed figuring we would wake up to our area being devasted by all the ice. Well, I got up this morning at 5:15, and there was no ice, and it was raining. The temperature heated up overnight and am  I one happy camper this morning. Hope the storm up  north has passed, and that things are getting better.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

King Arthur and the Witch

I know we have seen  this before, but I think it needs repeating, just to remind us of our duties and to prove how smart we CAN BE. If we want to live in harmony and be joined in happiness we must......ahhhhhhh, what the hell do I know.....I don't have any idea what I am talking about. If it wasn't for my sweetie telling me what to do, I wouldn't know whether I was coming or going. And that's the truth according to those in the know!!!!!!

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur's youth and ideals.. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, if after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death.

The question?...What do women really want? Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, and to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, he accepted the monarch's proposition to have an answer by year's end.

He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: the princess, the
priests, the wise men and even the court jester. He spoke with everyone, but no one could give him a satisfactory answer.

Many people advised him to consult the old witch, for only she would have the answer.

But the price would be high; as the witch was famous throughout the kingdom for the exorbitant prices she charged.

The last day of the year arrived and Arthur had no choice but to talk to the witch. She agreed to answer the question, but he would have to agree to her price first..

The old witch wanted to marry Sir Lancelot, the most noble of the Knights of the Round Table and Arthur's closest friend!

Young Arthur was horrified. She was hunchbacked and hideous, had only one tooth, smelled like sewage, made obscene noises, etc He had never encountered such a repugnant creature in all his life.

He refused to force his friend to marry her and
endure such a terrible burden; but Lancelot, learning of the proposal, spoke with Arthur.

He said nothing was too big of a sacrifice compared to Arthur's life and the preservation of the Round Table.

Hence, a wedding was proclaimed and the witch answered Arthur's question thus:

What a woman really wants, she to be in charge of her own life.

Everyone in the kingdom instantly knew that the witch had uttered a great truth and that Arthur's life would be spared.

And so it was, the neighboring monarch granted Arthur his freedom and Lancelot and the witch had a wonderful wedding.

The honeymoon hour approached and Lancelot, steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom. But, what a sight awaited him. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen lay before him on the bed. The astounded Lancelot asked what had

The beauty replied that since he had been so kind to her when she appeared as a witch, she would henceforth, be her horrible deformed self only half the time and the beautiful maiden the other half.

Which would he prefer? Beautiful during the day....or night?

Lancelot pondered the predicament. During the day, a beautiful woman to show off to his friends, but at night, in the privacy of his castle, an old witch? Or, would he prefer having a hideous witch during the day, but by night, a beautiful woman for him to enjoy wondrous intimate moments?

What would YOU do?

What Lancelot chose is below. BUT....make YOUR choice before you scroll down below. OKAY?

Noble Lancelot said that he would allow HER to make the choice herself.

Upon hearing this, she announced that she would be beautiful all the time because
he had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

Now....what is the moral to this story?

Scroll down

The moral is.....
If you don't let a woman have her own way....
Things are going to get ugly





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Friday Reunion Night

This coming Friday Night is the Annual Verdun Re-union Night in the Stathcona Hotel in toronto,.........
it is always on the First Friday of  December ,every year,..and this year the date happens to be December 1st,2006...........
So again this year I hope you all have a great time (how could a Verdun er or ite  not have a good time),........I'm sure you will have a ball
.Get some pics if you think of it,.we 'd love to see them.......
.....................................Have Some Fun While You Remember Verdun..........
-----------------------------and Get Home Safe...........
                                                           ..........Remember Arrive Alive---------------

Monday, November 27, 2006

Role Reversal

Monday Night Football is on and Greenbay Packers are playing the Seattle Seattle and it's snowing like crazy on the field,.....hahahaha  Advantage 'GreenBay'   if anyone is used to playing in a snowstorm it's the 'Packers' who btw are not having a stellar year,...but they are ahead in this one 7-3 ,....sort of another Role Reversal aside from the weather is that Mike Holmgren is Seattle's coach,...................but he used to be  GreenBay's.............
So anyway the snow is headed your way Winston.....
(the games early in the 2nd qtr)

Just As I Am




Subject: Fw: Billy Graham & Oprah







Billy Graham and Oprah

Last year I watched Billy Graham being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on television. Oprah told him that in her childhood home, she used
   to watch him preach on a little black and white TV while sitting on a linoleum floor.

She went on to the tell viewers that in his lifetime Billy has preached to twenty-million people around the world, not to mention the
countless numbers who have heard him whenever his crusades are broadcast. When she asked if he got nervous before facing a crowd, Billy replied humbly, "No, I don't get nervous before crowds, but I did today before I was going to meet with you."

Oprah's show is broadcast to twenty-million people every day.  She is comfortable with famous stars and celebrities but seemed in awe of Dr. Billy Graham.

When the interview ended, she told the audience, "You don't often See this on my show, but we're going to pray." Then she asked Billy to close in prayer. The camera panned the studio audience as they bowed their heads and closed their eyes just like in one of his crusades.

Oprah sang the first line from the song that is his hallmark "Just as I am, without a plea," misreading the line and singing off'-key, but her voice was full of emotion and almost cracked.

When Billy stood up after the show, instead of hugging her guest, Oprah's usual custom, she went over and just nestled against him. Billy wrapped his arm around her and pulled her under his shoulder. She stood in his fatherly embrace with a look of sheer contentment..

I once read the book "Nestle, Don't Wrestle" by Corrie Ten Boom. The power of nestling was evident on the TV screen that day. Billy Graham was not the least bit condemning, distant, or hesitant to embrace a public personality who may not fit the evangelistic mold. His grace and courage are sometimes stunning.

In an interview with Hugh Downs, on the 20/20 program, the subject turned to homosexuality. Hugh looked directly at Billy and said, "If you had a homosexual child, would you love him?" Billy didn't miss a beat. He replied with sincerity and gentleness, "Why, I would love that one even

The title of Billy's autobiography, "Just As I Am," says it all. His life goes before him speaking as eloquently as that charming southern drawl for which he is known.

If, when I am eighty years old, my autobiography were to be titled "Just As I Am," I wonder how I would live now? Do I have the courage to be me? I'll never be a Billy Graham, the elegant man who draws people to the Lord through a simple one-point message, but I hope to be a person who is real and compassionate and who might draw people to nestle within God's embrace.

Do you make it a point to speak to a visitor or person who shows up alone at church, buy a hamburger for a homeless man, call your mother on Sunday afternoons, pick daisies with a little girl, or take a fatherless boy to a baseball game?

Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you look when you're looking for what's
beautiful in someone else?

Billy complimented Oprah when asked what he was most thankful for; he said, "Salvation given to us in Jesus Christ" then added, "and the way you have made people all over this country aware of the power of being grateful."

When asked his secret of love, being married fifty-four years to the same person, he said, "Ruth and I are happily incompatible."

How unexpected. We would all live more comfortably with everybody around us if we would find the strength in being grateful and happily incompatible.

Let's take the things that set us apart, that make us different, that cause us to disagree, and make them an occasion to compliment each other and be thankful
for each other. Let us be big enough to be smaller than our neighbor, spouse, friends, and strangers.


Every day, may we Nestle, not Wrestle!


Please pass this one on...








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Hello everyone..3rd avenue oldie...

Hi...I was told about this site from my sister. Reading all of the posts about Verdun was awesome. I often think about when I grew up there and all the fun times I had. I was born in 1953 and moved from there in 1964. We lived at 786 3rd avenue. Lazure is my name. I had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Peter, Michael,Ernie, Patrick,Quinton, Toni, and Judy...I am Sandra. I am sure not to many people would remember me as I was the youngest of the bunch, and a tomboy.
Not to long ago my mother passed and in her guestbook in the Gazette there was a name of Winston Allison who remembered Peter. I forwarded the guest book to Peter so he could read it as he is not to computer savvy. I didn't hear back from him...but if Winston Allison is in here I can hook him up with Peter's email address.
Thank for all of the great memories...

Rumors of Earth Quakes

We had a false alarm last night. Somehow a rumor got loose throughout the islands saying there will be a 9.0 earth quake and tsunami to hit the Big Island. People were queued up to gas stations to fill up and purchasing bottled water to ride out the alert. However it was only a rumor. The civil defence said they had over 600 calls last night. They also anounced on the news this morning it is impossible to predict an earth quake so how these rumors get started is a mystery, especially one which puts the entire state on alert?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Looking for Cathy Wilkins

This message has been deleted by the author.

Woodland School

The theme of the fall issue of the journal of the SHGV Les Argoulets, has Verdun shools as subject and includes the Woodland School per enclosed article.
Woodland School, circa 1922, on Verdun ave, NW side, between Desmarchais and Melrose. The first section was built in 1922 and enlarged in 1928-30. Primary school of the Verdun Protestant Board of School Trustees.
The photo shows the site under construction.
Second photo:
Now Verdun Elementary School.
Lester B. Pearson School Commission.

Looking for Lori Ann Bailey

Hello Everyone
I went to school with Lori Ann Bailey at both Riverview (63-70) and then VHS (71-75). Her family lived on Riverview Avenue if my menory serves correct. I met her some years after graduation and she was working at The Bay.
Does anyone know where she is now?
Paul Christie

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Seems a tribute of sorts to Montreal's Mordecai Richler is in the works or has been done,I know we spoke about old Mordecai quite a while back (whn he died I think it was ??) but in today's Gazette there's a piece about him :So for those who might be interested,here's the link:

A hefty tribute to a literary star

This volume of selected writings by Mordecai Richler was a labour of love for its publisher and editor. It includes fiction and essays from various periods


Most likely best known for his book :The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

.....he also wrote many other novels:


Points to Ponder

"When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup."            -Sam Lefkowitz


 "If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get."               -Frank A. Clark


 "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.                                                -Albert Schweitzer


 "Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free.”  - Unknown


"Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day, which must be done, whether you like it or not."                                                                                                                    -James Russell Lowell


 "Things could be a lot worse, the stress of the situation always could be worse, but I am alive and I have a lot to be thankful for - so I shall not waste my days with stress and frustrations - Life is too short!"                                     -Catherine Pulsifer



 "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."                             -William Arthur Ward



 "Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."                                                                               -Doris Day


 "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice."                                 -Meister Eckhart


 "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."                                                                                                                     -Epicurus


 "When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree."                                                -Vietnamese Proverb


 "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."                                                                                                                       -Oprah Winfrey


 "God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you'?"                        - William Arthur Ward
  Wishing all our friends south of the border, particularly ex-Pat VC friends, a wonderful and thankful weekend.  And may we all go into this week of US Thanksgiving with open hearts full of gratitude.


Friday, November 24, 2006


Hey Les, I heard about the water problem in Vancouver. In case it spreads your way I wanted you to know what it is. Water is that white stuff that comes out of the tap. You wash your beer glass with it. Oh yeah! Beer glass is that thing that some people pour beer from the can or bottle into. Now you're up to date, let me know how you make out.       Ed


Hey Sharon, where are you? We haven't seen hide nor hair from ya for 2 months. Let us know how you're doing please.

Where does it take you?

When I turn on my "golden oldies" radio station and hear The Jackson 5 (highlighting Germaine) singing "Daddy's Home", I am swiftly taken back to a "Dawson's Dance" in the basement at Bannantyne School. My first close dance, with a "younger man" singing softly in my ear.

Welcome New Members

Welcome to sammie, ve2rq and Harleygirlny11.
We are glad that you have found "Verdun Connections".
Come on in and "stir up" your memories (and ours)!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hockey in Alberta

Ya gotta love  those fans......

Two boys are playing hockey on a frozen pond in Red Deer, Alberta, when one of the boys is suddenly attacked by a crazed Rottweiler.   Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his hockey stick, shoves it under the dog's collar, twists it, and breaks the dog's neck, saving his friend.
A reporter is strolling by, sees the incident, and rushes over to interview the boy.   Young Flames Fan Saves Friend From Viscious Animal" he starts writing in his book.
"But I'm not a Flames Fan" the little hero replies.   "Sorry, but as we are in
Alberta, I just assumed you were" says the
reporter and he starts writing again. "Oilers Fan Rescues Friend From Horrific Attack" he writes in his
notebook.  "I'm not an Oilers
fan either" the little boy says  "Oh, I assumed that everyone in
Alberta was either for the Flames or the Oilers. What team do you root for?" the reporter asks.    I am a Maple Leafs fan" the boy replies.

The reporter starts a new page in his notebook and writes:
Little B@stard from
Ontario Kills Beloved Family Pet"

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Did You Know ?

This message has been deleted by the author.

Happy Thanksgiving to our USofA Members

Wishing y'all a good one, with plenty of turkey and all the fixins.

John Allen Cameron

John Allen Cameron died today at the age of 67.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What is a billion

Here is another example of what a billion dollars is. If you take $100.00 bills and stack them on top of each other, A million dollars ($1,000,000.00) would be approximately 2 feet high. Do the same thing with a billion dollars($1,000,000,000.00) and the stack would be higher than the Empire State Building..... I told you I have a lot of time on my hands. Another example will be sent out later.... Winston Allison

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'Tis the Season

YIKES Art (VerdunReader9) would say,............these are already,being readied (is that a word ?),for sale..........
Time to start thinking about just which weekend you will take the kids to get the 'Tree'...............Remember those days,.... off to Atwater Market,for your tree,....thousands of them to choose from,& you couldn't just take anyone,You had to hold up a dozen or so to get the 'bushiest' tallest, etc etc
Here's a truckload already going on sale ,the picture dated Nov 20th,2006
YIKES Again...................hahahahah
These Trees are at a store in Dorval...................................

Montreal Then & Now

History of Montreal:-   How a city has changed in a century 
Period covers 1863 to 2000

Montreal on Cruise Control

Seems that there was a very large raid this morning in Montreal,that dealt a big blow to Organized Crime,........70 or 80 separate members were arrested ,(that's a lot),......
This is just like the big raid on the Biker Gangs a year or so ago,.....
I wonder what effect ,(if any) this will have, seems to have worked somewhat on the Biker Gangs,......( at least ,you don't hear that much of them anymore)
I beleive they are raiding the Reserve in Caugnawagna (sorry I acn't spell Khanasatake).............hahahahaha
Yikes .........the city may grind to a halt:

Verdun Remembrance!!!

Received this from a friend of mine and it was like "WOW"! I bet a lot of you older Verdunites will relate to this.
PS. If my attachment doesn't show up, let me know.


I would like anyone on here to feel free to contact me on my msn messenger.This is Toni Lazure from 786 Third Ave and recognize so many of you here... I will try to eventually add pics etc But right now I would like to give a briefing on  My Family..........Peter Oldest brother in NY...........Michael.......Passed on(Saddest thing ever Happened to me)   Ernie...Also in NY....Patrick.........NY also passed on..:(  Quinton.........Ont.......Myself  Between NY and St.Hubert Southshore....Now a nurse in Plattsburghs CVPH Hospital Working Psychiatry and Loving it....Then of course my 2 younger sisters Judy and Sandra...Boy I sure would love to see all you guys again....Yes I was nothing but a pain in the ass then but Boy I would love to relive those days...........................      

Grand Hyatt Kauai

Bill,....are you catching any of this ....................or is it even close to you at all(time wise) .............................all the top golfers in the world, are 4hours behind us here on the West coast are you not,....?   I'm seeing this on TSN ,....but it's 8:20 pm Tuesday Night (here in Victoria BC) ,..swo it should be around 4:20 in the afternoon your time,..and they are playing the 15th,so I'm guessing this is a live broadcast..................................What Say You (if you get this msg' soon enough)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Montreal History

Ever seen one of these,........
Molson's Bank,...............they really did have a hand in forging this country,..

Fighting From Home: The Second World War in Verdun

A new book focusing on Verdun.  Go to this link for details. The title of the book is the subject header.

Standing Together

Well  Sabby,..this took a while,but if you Remember seems like a year ago(maybe it was),.but I mentioned to you that I had suggested to our local GVPL (Library) that they might consider the book Standing Together (edited Linda Goyette), Well it has been bought and added,to the inventory,.
The date it was added was October 14th,2006
........and I hope it does 'Make a Difference'

The Irish

Bono is at a U2 concert in Ireland when he asks the audience for

some quiet. Then in the silence, he starts to slowly clap his


Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the

microphone..."Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."

A voice from near the front of the audience pierces the

silence..."Fookin stop doing it then!"

Robert Altman Dies

Robert Altman film director best know forthe movie "Mash" has dies at 81 years of age,.
I would imagine there are not many people who haven't heard of the movie Mash,......albeit they would most likely know the TV series better
Here's some Mash Trivia:
  • The opening title sequence has a text that identifies the place as Korea. This was added at the insistence of the studio after director Robert Altman had removed every reference to Korea, intending it to be mistaken for Vietnam, which would reinforce the anti-war statement.

  • G. Wood (General Hammond) played the same character in the movie and first three episodes of the TV series.

  • The 14-year-old son of Robert Altman, Mike Altman, wrote the lyrics to the theme song (and reportedly made more money from the movie than his father did as a result).

  • This and Catch-22 (1970), two films satirizing recent American wars, were released in the same year. "Catch-22," based on a best-selling novel, featuring a huge cast, and boasting director Mike Nichols fresh from his success with The Graduate (1967), was expected to be the more successful film. When the reverse proved true, Robert Altman hung a banner in his office reading, "Caught-22."

Interesting that Altman's son made more money from writing the theme song,than his old man did ,making the Movie:

What is a Billion?



What is a billion???
The next time you hear a politician use the word "billion" in a casual manner, think about
whether you want the "politicians" spending your tax money.
A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its releases.

a. A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
b. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
c. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
d. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two bare feet.
e. A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate hour government is spending it.

While this thought is still fresh in our brain, let's take a look at New Orleans . It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division....

Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu (D), is presently asking the Congress for $250 BILLION to rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number, what does it mean?
a. Well, if you are one of 484,674 residents of New Orleans (every man, woman, child), you each get $516,528.
b. Or, if you have one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans , your home gets $1 ,329,787.
c. Or, if you are a family of four, your family gets $2,066,012.
Washington, D.C .. HELLO!!! ... Are all your calculators broken??
this is too true to be very funny

Tax his land,
Tax his wage,
Tax his bed in which he lays.
Tax his tractor,
Tax his mule,
Teach him taxes is the rule.
Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.
Tax his ties,
Tax his shirts,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt.
Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he tries to think.
Tax his booze,
Tax his beers,
If he cries,
Tax his tears.
Tax his bills,
Tax his gas,
Tax his notes,
Tax his cash.
Tax him good and let him know
That after taxes, he has no dough.!
If he hollers,
Tax him more,
Tax him until he's good and sore.
Tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in which he lays.
Put these words upon his tomb,
"Taxes drove me to my doom!"
And when he's gone,
We won't relax,
We'll still be after the inheritance TAX!!
Accounts Receivable Tax
Permit Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax! (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax),
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax),
Liquor Tax,
Luxury Tax,
Marriage License Tax,
Medicare Tax,
Property Tax,
Real Estate Tax,
Service charge taxes,
Social Security Tax,
Road Usage Tax (Truckers),
Sales Taxes,
Recreational Vehicle Tax,
School Tax,
State Income Tax,
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA),
Telephone Federal Excise Tax,
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax,
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax,
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax,
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges
Telephone State and Local Tax,
Telephone Usage Charge Tax,
Utility Tax,
Vehicle License Registration Tax,
Vehicle Sales Tax,
Watercraft Registration Tax,
Well Permit Tax,
Workers Compensation Tax.

COMMENTS: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and there was prosperity, absolutely no national debt, the largest middle class in the world and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
What the hell happened?

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Clifford Edward Sherwood


March 30, 1945


127 cm – 4’ 2’’


30 kgs – 65 lbs.








le 21 octobre 1954 MISSING SINCE: October 21, 1954


Verdun, QC

Si vous avez des informations, s.v.p. contactez / If you have any information please contact




(Tous les appels sont confidentiels - All calls are confidential)


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lions Roar to WIN

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Do any VCHS people attend - I'm a '68 graduate.
I'm hesitant - I think I'm too shy!! Is it mostly guys? (I'm a girl.)

Parc Cooney / Cooney Park

Hi, Everyone:
Does anyone know whom Cooney Park (facing Champlain Boulevard between Melrose and Desmarchais) is named after?  And was it always called that name—Cooney?
When I was growing up, we always called it "the park."  No one I knew called it by any other name.
Have a good Sunday,

This is weird

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dick Duff

Here is a photo of Dick Duff in his glory years with the Canadiens who entered the Pantheon of Hockey this week along with Patrick Roy. He certainly has aged along with all of us. If there is one thing we are all equal on , is that we all age at the same rate.

Looking for Alan Brown

Alan had 2 brothers I'm aware of ; Jimmy and Peter. We used to hang around together at Dawson's Dances and also as part of a group at Miss Verdun's on Verdun Ave. corner of Desmarchais in the 1964/65 timeframe. All 3 attended Academie Richard. Thanks, McGee5115

Friday, November 17, 2006

We need some help

Doug: Great Verdun minds think alike. I actually tried what you suggested about 3 years ago. I had our local library contact the Gazette. The Gazette sent 5 boxes of microfiche with all the obits for 1999. Unfortunately the quality of the microfiche was pretty poor and after 3 days at the library using their reader and finding that many if not most notices don't contain each person's actual age at death the task effecticely became impossible. In addition to age , I thought I might be able to to see if there was any other info in each notice which might be able to identify her like the fact that she had 4 brothers and 3 sisters however I couldn't find anyone who fit that profile. I therefore had to give up that avenue.Thanks again for the suggestion and please keep them coming.

Re: MSN woes ??


From: "edbro68"
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MSN woes ??


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From: edbro68

I'm getting a lot of 'can't find that page when I hit reply etc., Could it be that we are overloading the site and should keep posts as short as possible?       Ed

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Fwd: You'll know you're in a GA church......







Fw: You'll know you're in a GA church......





1. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. the finance committee refuses to
provide funds for the purchase of a chandelier because none of the members
knows how to play one.

2. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... people ask, when they learn
that Jesus fed the 5000, whether the two fish were bass or catfish, and what
bait was used to catch 'em.

3. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... when the pastor says, "I'd like
to ask Bubba to help take up the offering," five guys and two women stand

4. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. opening day of deer season is
recognized as an official church holiday.

5. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. A member of the church requests

to be buried in his 4-wheel-drive truck because "It ain't never been in a
hole it couldn't get out of" (Love it!)

6. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... the choir is known as the "OK

7. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. in a congregation of 500
members, there are only seven last names in the church directory.

8. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... people think "rapture" is what
you get when you lift something too heavy.

9. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... the baptismal pool is a #2
galvanized washtub.

10. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. the choir robes were donated by
(and embroidered with the logo from) Billy Bob's Barbecue.

11. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... the collection plates are
hubcaps from a 56 Chevy.

12. You Know You're in a Redneck Church
if... instead of a bell; you are
called to service by a duck call

13. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if.. the minister and his wife drive
matching pickup trucks.

14. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... the communion wine is Boone's
Farm "Tickled Pink".

15. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if... "Thou shall not covet" applies
to huntin' dogs, too.

16. You know You're in a Redneck Church if... the final words of the
benediction are, "Y'all come back now, Ya heah".

God Bless and don't fergit ta say yer prayers!!! Ya'll come back now.






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Penny Lang

If anyone out there remembers Penny Lang, she will be back in the Montreal area in
April '07. April 11th at Church St.Cafe in Lennoxville and Apr.12th Le Zarist Club in St. Hyacinthe. She presently lives near Vancouver where she owns a horse ranch. Her latest album, 'Sand, sea, sun and stone' (if I got right) was done with Ken Pearson who played organ for Janis Joplin and her son Jason. The last time I saw Penny was last year at the Flea Market at St.Willibrord's Church in Verdun. She remembered coming to a party at my house in LaSalle in 1969 with Ken Pearson who was a friend of mine. She has recovered from a serious stroke and her music is better than ever.                     Ed

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"we need your help"

My good friend Glen Pilon posted a message on my behalf in October. The dicussion thread became "we need your help". This note is to bring you up to date  but first to thank everyone who took the time to read my rather lengthy posting. Since then your responses and suggestions have reinforced the pride I have in having lived in Verdun and I am truly appreciative. Regretably' I can't report a successful conclusion at this point but my quest continues. I tried Lovell's Directory however Verdun is not one of the specific municipalities you can access, therefore one has to go to an alphabetical listing of all Montreal area streets and try and and identify which of these are in Verdun eg .Valiquette. Then as you scroll down the list of people on Valiquette by address,there is no reference to their occupations or any other info that might narrow down the search. You may recall from Glen's posting that I unfortunately have been unable to obtain the names of either my biological mother or father, therefore only names on a street are of little help. So, unless someone out there who uses Lovell's a lot knows a better way to identify carpenters ( my grandfather's occupation ) who lived in Verdun in 1948, this is probably a dead end. I should add that I contacted Lovell's directly with my dilemma, but they could only suggest what some of you had already suggested.
I also visited the web-site that was suggested.  I'm already registered with a couple of the agencies and have been for several years without success. They work when both the adoptee and a mother are registered and they can find a match. There were a couple of private search firms on the site but thet only operated in the US. I have e-mailed them to see if they are aware of any Canadian firms which might provide a similar service. They've yet to respond.. My latest communication has been to Quebec's Minister of Health and Social Services, Phillippe Couillard who has overall responsibility for Adoption Services as part of his portfolio. Also as suggested , I'm thinking of putting a short notice in The Messenger, if it still exists or The Gazette.
Once again, thank you all for your help. Your interest and support only encourages me not to give up. I'll keep you posted. McGee5115

Hillary & Condelessa Parody

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prison Bars SHGV

 These prison bars are installed at the rear of our local at the SHGV. This area is used as our office. These bars were previously installed at the police and fire station on Church avenue and I guess they thought it would be a shame to send them away for scrap and decided to install them at the present location. (Salle Canadiana, SHGV, Verdun Library, 5955 Bannantyne Ave.)

Jimmy Miller no longer MIA

Hi Jim,
Glad to see you finally found VC - enjoy - lots of folks here that you know i'm sure. Whole bunch from 3rd Ave.
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC

Monday, November 13, 2006

MSN woes ??

Has anyone else been having some difficulty ,signing into certain pages here onthe site,.or posting msg's,..........
I've gotten this
'Hmmmmm Can't seem to find that page ..........
a few times now,....and over the past couple of days.......

The 40's

Readers invited to revisit a Verdun united by war, grief and pride                                                                                                                            MIKE BOONE, The Gazette                 Published: Wednesday, November 01, 2006                               Who says you can't go home again? Historian Serge Marc Durflinger did it in print. And tonight he'll be back in person. Durflinger was born in Verdun and spent the first 37 of his 45 years there before moving to Ottawa to become a staff historian at the Canadian War Museum.                                                           He expanded his doctoral thesis into Fighting From Home, a portrait of the social and cultural dynamics of Verdun during the Second World War. Durflinger will be launching the book this evening at the Verdun Cultural Centre. The historian teaches at the University of Ottawa and lives in the Gatineau hills. That's a long way from the Wellington St. triplex where he grew up in the middle flat: "The best place if you're nosy, the worst if you're private."                                                                            In the preface to Fighting From Home, Durflinger evokes 1940s Verdun, inviting readers to imagine 70,000 working-class residents of almost exclusively French or English origin, living "on top of each other, in nearly identical two- and three-storey tenement flats, where everyone knows everyone else's business" in a rectangular six square kilometres, bounded by the river and an aqueduct.                           Verdunites, he writes, had a "rough uniformity of experience and an unmistakable sense of geographic distinctiveness." His book is a study of how they responded to "the greatest military conflict the world had seen." Durflinger was at home taking care of his 2-year-old son when I phoned yesterday. The historian is good at multitasking: He changed Maxime's diaper without missing a beat in our conversation.                                                                                                                      "I'm a Verdun guy," he said. "When one turns a sense of self into an academic subject, it's a win-win situation. "I was learning about myself, my own past and my city's socio-economic structure. Having grown up in a bicultural household - English-speaking father, French-speaking mother who chose his given names - Durflinger discovered the Britishness of wartime Verdun. In 1941, English was the mother tongue of 58 per cent of that city's residents, 17 per cent of whom had been born in the British Isles.                                                                                                                                                                     Durflinger still remembers the names of expatriate Britons who were widows and grandparents when he knew them. "I felt a kinship with the past," Durflinger said. "Someone said the past is a foreign country. This project gave me the opportunity to reclaim it as my own."                                                                                  The process of reclamation led Durflinger toward an interesting conclusion. Regardless of language, religion or intra-class distinctions, more than 6,000 Verdunites - including flying ace George (Buzz) Beurling - fought in the war, in Europe and at home, "as much out of a sense of local identity as national patriotic impulse."                                                                                                                                            "Through shared experiences of bereavement but also a fierce determination to show the distinctiveness of Verdun and its positive influence on the outcome of the war, it unified Verdunites across cultural divisions," Durflinger said. Some fought for the Kings, Mackenzie and George VI. All, proud expat Serge Durflinger points out, fought for Verdun. Serge Durflinger will launch Fighting From Home at the Verdun Cultural Centre, 5955 Bannantyne St., tonight at 7.

© The Gazette (Montreal) 2006










Of course most ,would Remember old Archie Bunker,and his own way with the english language:
Here's some of his old Bunkerisim's ,as only Archie could speak them:

In the grand tradition of William Shakespeare's Doll Tearsheet and Richard Sheridan's Mrs. Malaprop, and the modern school of Dizzy Dean, Samuel Goldwyn, Yogi Berra, and Howard Cossell, Archie Bunker is also renowned for unfailingly tripping over his tongue. His word choice is so "legionary" that his hilarious tongue tangles have come to be called Bunkerisms. To use the great man's "epaulet," the name Bunker and the humorously illiterate misuse of words are like "to peas in a pot." Trust me, the following genuine, authentic, certified, and unretouched Bunkerisms ain't no "science friction" or "frigment" of my imagination:

  • Nobody gets arrested in this country lest he deserves it. If he don't yell "pig" or any of them other epaulets, he'll be okay.
  • Don't take everything so liberally.
  • The statements I made were supposed to be sub-rosy.
  • This woman could be a kidnapper, making you an excessity after the fact.
  • I give ya the biggest build-up since Grant took Richard.
  • There's something rotten in Sweden, Edith. Call it a father's intermission, but I smell a rat.
  • You're taking it out of contest.
  • Why don't you write a letter to Dear Abie?
  • Forget it. It's irrelevant. It ain't German to this conversation.
  • Don't you never read the papers about all them unflocked priests running around? This here priest ain't kosher and never was.
  • (About Mike) Listen to our world traveler, will ya. Ain't never been past the Chicago stock yards, and now he's a regular Marco Polish.
  • What is this, the United Nations? We gotta have a whole addenda?
  • She's hangin' around my neck like an albacross.
  • I don't need their whole Dunne and Broadstreet.
  • Just who the hell are we entertaining here tonight? The Count to Monte Crisco?
  • Whoever sent 'em obviously wanted to remain unanimous.
  • The Mets winnin' the pennant, that would be a miracle. Yeah, like the immaculate connection.
  • If you was half as sick as me, you'd be layin' on that floor waitin' for Rigor Morris to set in.
  • You've been standing on that phone like a pillow of salt.
  • You're about as funny as a crotch.
  • "Sorry" ain't gonna clench my thirst.
  • Get on the phone and call up the lodge and confirm that the Bunkers is goin' to Florida as pre-deranged.
  • I don't see why you had to drag me to her doctor, this groinocologist guy.
  • That there is for your condition, Edith. It's for when you get one of them hot flushes.
  • (Sniffing a cigar) Edith, this is the nectarine of the gods.
  • It's a proven fact that capital punishment is a known detergent for crime.
  • All I'm sayin' is it was unfair to the white ball players who weren't fortunate enough to be born with the same natural endorsements.
  • All you gotta know is I wouldn't go near her with a 10-foot Polack.
  • You think he's a nice boy after what he did? Comin' in here, makin' suppository remarks about our country. And callin' me prejudiced while I was singin' "God Bless America," a song written by a well-known and respected Jewish guy. Milton Berle.
  • Well, goodbye and good ribbons.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alouettes Win

Montreal Alouettes, beat toronto,to get into the Grey Cup Game,....
they will either play Sask. Roughriders,....or the BC Lions
(who you cheering for MaggieMck............hahahahaha)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

One armed Pushups

Jack Palance is dead,.............................
Remember him?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Suzanne Janelle

Has anyone heard from Suzanne Janelle. Think she went to St Thomas More and later to VCHS. 

A Dog's Rules for Christmas

Seeing that Christmas is only 45 days away......
A Dog's Rules for Christmas

1. Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more stressed-out than usual.

2. They may come home with large bags of things they call gifts. Do not assume that all the gifts are yours.

3. Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

4. They may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important ritual for your humans, so there are some things you need to know:

a. Don't pee on the tree

b. Don't drink water in the container that holds the tree

c. Mind your tail when you are near the tree

d. If there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that have your name on them, don't rip them open

e. Don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree

5. Your humans may occasionally invite lots of strangers to come visit during this season. These parties can be lots of fun, but they also call for some discretion on your part:

a. Not all strangers appreciate kisses

b. Don't eat off the buffet table

c. Beg for goodies subtly

d. Be pleasant, even if unknowing strangers sit on your sofa

e. Don't drink out of glasses that are left within your reach

6. Likewise, your humans may take you visiting. Here your manners will also be important:

a. Observe all the rules in #4 for trees that may be in other people's houses. (4a is particularly important)

b. Respect the territory of other animals that may live in the house

c. Tolerate children

d. Turn on your charm big time

7. A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. DO NOT BITE HIM!!

Sea Cadets

Great picture of Bumpy. I sure miss that little bugger. Thanks Les.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Top Ten Responses for October

1- Music                       104                    111frantic111                           Oct. 15
2- Preventive medecine   81                    Les-F                                         "     23
3- Old Photos Verdun Boardwalk
                                      59                     111frantic111                             "    29
4- Books                        54                    SecondAve                                 "    16
5- Montreal                    30                            "                                          "    07
6- Somewhere on the River
                                      26                    Guy5479                                     "    31
7- Population of Verdun 24                             "                                         "    06
7- Parc Belmont Park    24                              "                                        "    09 (tie)
8- All those who went to VCHS 
                                      23                   Screwballrandy                            "    12 
9- Movies                      22                   SecondAve                                  "    10
10- Old Stone House     18                   Johnmeliving2                               "    01 
This is an unscientific survey that shows member's interests.

Newsman Dies


Canadian Election

To bad..we here in Canada do not get to vote for the
prime minister....

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

American Election

Congratulations to our brethern and sistern to the south. Let's hope your new government will extract the country from war and use the savings for health care for all Americans. We in Canada know what a blessing that is and as we age we need it more. Ed

Corenr Beurling and Brown

More photos of corner of Beurling and Brown but this time looking in the opposite direction to the aqueduct also pictures looking north and south on Beurling. Unfortunately it was raining this morning. The Stevans bridge was completely rebuilt and widened and reopened about 2 years ago. The bridge was completely closed for about a year before reopening.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

We tcoast Weather

Winston,.....I see by the whether channel now,.that the storm that cruised through here the last couple of days,.......and created lots of problems from around the province ,including the island here,has now headed your way,.....Hope you've got good draintiles,.........there's lots of rain ezpected from the 'Pineapple Express'.................I just cleaned the eaves ,two weeks ago,.....glad I did,....but it could be worse ,it could have been the white stuff,........


well this is great news****my middle son is going to present me with another GRANDCHILD in March........a baby boy***. for his big brother.....""cheers"""

Bus routes in Crawford Park (1946-61)

Hi there !

Is there someone who remember bus routes 53A-Crawford-Park (1946-56) and 52-Crawford-Park (1956-61) ? ... and the direction

of the bus in the loops ?


I presume (not sure) that the direction was as follows:

Bus route 53A-Crawford-Park (1946-56):

Coming from East on Lasalle Blvd, the bus rode up to Cl챕menceau, up to Ouimet, then to Fayolle, then Fayolle to Champlain Blvd eastbound, to Crawford Bridge South, then to Lasalle Blvd westward.

Bus route 52-Crawford-Park (1956-61):

Coming from East on Lasalle Blvd, the bus rode up to Crawford Bridge up to Chruchill, then to Lloyd George, then Ouimet up to Fayolle, Fayolle up to Champlain Blvd eastbound, then Crawford Bridge South, then to Lasalle Blvd westward.

I presume that the direction in Woodland loop was:

Woodland--Lasalle Blvd--Argyle--Wellington and back on Lasalle Blvd westbound.

Thanks in advance,


Monday, November 6, 2006

post office

Anyone remember playing spin the bottle  or post office?


Post office was fun, but I preferred a different game


It was called PONY EXPRESS!!!!!!


It was something like POST OFFICE


The only difference was with PONY EXPRESS


There was more horsing around!!!!!!!!!


There I said it and I'm glad!!!!!


Winston Allison

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Sister Josephine Pajaczkowski

Josephine Pajaczkowski
PAJACZKOWSKI, Josephine. After several years of fighting cancer. Josephine died at the Jewish General Hospital on november 2, 2006 while under the loving and caring hands of nurses and doctors on the 7th and 8th floor cancer clinic. Beloved sister of Tony Pajaczkowski (Katherine). Daughter of the late Joseph and Bertha Pajaczkowski. Aunt to Derek (Kathryn) and Jason (Jennifer). A special thank you to Robin Rashcovsky, Josie's angel and Dr. Caplan and the staff of the palliative care unit. Visitation at the Kane & Fetterly Funeral Home, 5301 Decarie Blvd., (corner Isabella) on Sunday and Monday from 2-5 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Mass at St. Patrick's Basilica on Tuesday, November 7 at 10:30 a.m. If desired donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or The Alzheimer Society.
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 11/3/2006.

Guest Book


Sr. Paj as she was known at James Lyng and Mother St. Catherine at St. Patrick's and D'Arcy McGee - believe the family lived on Egan.