Saturday, February 3, 2007

Back to food again


If anyone who wishes to venture up to Norh Bay we
have a place here that is famous for it's wings. restuarent is called The Moose.
The wings aren't moose wings or Ailes they are real chicken wings. Lot's of
Moose heads on the walls.

Good God it sounds like I live in the

Thanks for all the tasty

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sweet_n_gorgeous_anna MSN said...

     Good Sunday Evening !             Gee, all these pictures of food, and conversation of food, heck you guys           are making me real Hungry  ( Ha, ha )   Maybe getting old makes us enjoy           looking  forward to our meals , as opposed to when we were younger we we           always eager to eat  fast  so we could go out of the house faster .                     Sweet_N_Gorgeous Anna