Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Old and the New

The old picture of the Verdun Fire Station on LaSalle boulevard  I have dated as 1930 but I am only guessing. Perhaps someone can date it. As for the new photo, I took this picture last Saturday.


les__f MSN said...

Hello Guy ,.that's the old firetruck (the same ) from the Richard Park,.which joey-verdun posted,.and there is a somewhate newer style in the driveway ,over to the right,.that info may help to pinpoint the date ,.or at least narrow it down.........???   I Remember that old building as it doubled as the Police Station too,.and I have to say I have had occassion as a kid to visit it.......hahahahah  What is the newer building being used for now? I can't quite read that sign.     I Remember when they built that 'newer' building ,.it was real Modern looking for it's day,.with all the windows,in the overhead doors,.and the cleaner brighter facade,............  It still doesn't look bad as it is.........                                                                                                                     HF&RV  

guy5479 MSN said...

Les I will get more info on the new building. The sign says Centre d'Affaire de Verdun; translated Verdun Business Center: It appears that part of the building is rented. Where do I find Joeys photos you refer to. Guy

les__f MSN said...

Ok Thanks Guy,.now that you've mentioned the name,.I seem to recall coming across this company's website,(while searching for Verdun stuff), pops up often ,.......   I imagine to help people start business's in Verdun,.??                                                                                                               hf&rv