Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lunch in Brampton

Hi Margo:
Good to see that you are back on line. Our move went off great in the end. We are living in Rosedale Village (Dixie and Sandalwood - northwest quadrant).
I think that a Saturday or Sunday lunch would be a great idea.
Carole / Willie / anyone else - let us know your interest.
Gord Gibbons
Brampton, Ontario

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claroleca2 MSN said...

Hi Gord,   Well, we checked out the calendar and it seems that we are all booked up until after Christmas!  Christmas comes too fast & before you know it there's not time left for anything else.   Perhaps sometime in January lunch in Brampton would be good when we are all over the holiday rush and are finding ourselves in a lull.     Carole