Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I need your help. I am looking for pictures of the Fifth ave. theatre, the Palace theatre and of the Park ave theatre. I already have exterior photos of the present 4
buildings. I am looking mostly for the exterior to show the past and present but the interior would be a bonus. You have already posted the interior and exterior of the Savoy theatre and I already have interior photos of the Park theatre but not the exterior.
 This is to complete my file on all 4 theatres that will be kept in our archives at the SHGV for our present and future generations to consult. I will then make a collage of all 4 theatres to share with our members.


les__f MSN said...

Ok Guy I'll see what I can find , but the 5th avenue Theater has proven to be rather elusive over the years,.I have tried to find some for a few years now,... I will keep it in mind ,.....  I wonder if CBC (the main building downtown) would have available some pictures in their archives,or even hanging on the walls in their office building?  This could be a source for the '5th av theater' I will try some online searches,but if they have a local phone number,maybe you can check there too!.   Our local library here is on strike ,and many services have been unavailable, so I cannot use that source right now,.also I'm still not ble to access any of my stored pictures and articles, as I'm changing systems ,.and have been operating via ,laptops,and this limits my usual resources,(can't get to my other harddrives right now......but I will still try to find what I can )................   Good Luck I do have a folder full of Old theater pictures, from , around Montreal,  so bare with me ............                                                   HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

Guy ,.what is the 5th av theater building being used for these days,.? Do you know off hand?   because the answer maybe right there in  that building (if it's still there)...........  maybe theywould allow you inside to snap a few pictures?  Just a thought,....if you had a chance to pop in there,when in Verdun ,if possible combining a side trip with your voulunteer work at the SHGV?     Might be worth a shot,......... I'll also ask a friend of mine who still lives in Verdun ,to see what he can find out?                                                                                                          HF&RV

guy5479 MSN said...

Les, I knew I could count on you. Here is a picture of the Fifth ave theatre building I took earlier this year. As you can see, it seems to have been completely rebuilt.   Guy  

les__f MSN said...

Wow , that actually looks Ok,  looks like Condos'?  ..........   I must have missed this when you posted it origianlly,....      From almost directly behind where you stood to take this picture,I used to buy my film for my camera,.it was right nextdoor to the restaurant,but upstairs 2nd floor,.....  I always bought kodak 400 asa film,.but they were the first place I ever saw Fuji Film for sale & of course it was cheaper,.and as reluctant as I was to switch from Kodak,to the unkonwn Fuji ,..I did just that ,..and found it to be good film...............that was back in the early/to/ mid 70's????    That is a good picture you took Guy,........there is (or at least was) a small path way separating the old Theater from that building at the corner of 6th, (it was a gas station at one time).the path was a shortcut to the laneway running behind Wellington........   almost directly across from the Richelieu Grocery (later Metro Grocerey)........I may have bough the odd case of beer from there.........................hahahahha  A freind of my brothers & mine were one of the first people I knew to live in that apartment building on the sw corner ( seen in your photo,as well)  this building had a swimming indoor pool up on the roof).......very impressive stuff for us poor kids from Verdun.....................hahahahah    HF&RV

kencm3 MSN said...

It's actually a pretty good job that was done on that building. There is a florist in the front with offices on top. The rest of the building is a Videotron Video store which is pretty nice in the sense that movies are stll what the building is all about. In fact it would be very easy to restore it as a theatre. You can see in the back where the screen/stage once was.   There is still a little alley there, Les, in fact it is still a shortcut for some who go to the pool room on top of Vincent Subs (the building in red), to play pool of course!   Ken M