Sunday, November 25, 2007

De L'Église (Church) Bridge

Here is a photo of the De L'Église (Church) street bridge wich I took last May from the Galt street bridge looking north towards the Montreal skyscrapers on the right background as well as the Mount Royal mountain. I posted this photo before but I thought it wortth reproducing. Did you know that there are 10 bridges over the Aqueduc.


kungfu MSN said...

Hi Guy  , you are a wealth of information , your obvious love of Verdun turns us on ,it is almost impossible to understand why we  all still love Verdun , most have left , life changes, but our youth seems to stay deeply ingrained in our thoughts . I married a wonderful French Canadian lady and still live close by ( Ile Perrot ) my grandson played hockey for Ile Perrot against Verdun in the old Auditorium last Saturday , and the memories were unbelieveable, I was sitting there watching him , and fantisized about my youth , we are and should be proud of being Verduners , as I am sure we all  are , all this to say thank you ever so much for your input into our youth , you are a great guy,GUY, and I appreciate . Jimmy

winnie3ave MSN said...

Jimmy. You said it all. I think most of us think about our youth. It is wonderful that we can have these good memories. Verdun has been great for most of us, that is for sure. And this site has given us the opportunity to relive some of those memories, and also to jar our thoughts about things we may have forgotten.

guy5479 MSN said...

Jimmy, Thanks for your praise, it is appreciated. I also noticed your attachment to Verdun and your colorfull descripstions of your trips to the Auditorium. Keep up the good work. Guy