Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kids today


I liked what you had to say about "Snow Days" No

When we were kids we had no school buses so we
walked, truged, and dottled. There was very few days the school was closed due
to bad weather. However I would't want to be a kid today some things are much
harder. So much competition, alot of us had nothing we were all the

We hung out with lots of friend's and had alot of
back up if we needed it. Our friends were loyal and moral even if it was in a
curupt sorta way. The only drugs I heard of before I hit High School was
somthing called Goof Balls. ecstasy was some other thing that your parent's
never talked about, In front of the children that is. I feel very fortunate to
have grown up in a time like ours! Here's to us and the future


biking2006 MSN said...

I remember the morning trudge to Verdun High School in the winter. Brrrr! I kept my hands in my pockets with my head bent low to the wind. Every minute or so I'd remove my warmed hands from my pockets to cover first my partially frozen ears, then cup my nose and blowing hot air from my mouth, and immediately stuff my hands back to my pocket.
No scarf, mittens, or tuque -- un cool!
Before I left my flat in the mornings I'd comb my fine hair with water (D.A. in the back and Bill Haley curl in the front) and by the time I'd reach Verdun Avenue, it would be frozen in place until my first class at which time it would all come crashing down. Ah yes the 1940s and 50s. Wonderful recollections of my teenage years.
Second Avenue.

laurie19540 MSN said...

Its true what you said Levis.  The pressures for teens today is scary.   Speaking for myself - I was one of those kids who didn't get in trouble - didn't smoke didn't drink didn't have much fun - or WAS that fun or just the thing to do at that time to be part of the in crowd. It might have felt good  and it was the thing to do. Without sounding like I am lecturing  back in may day - We had fear of authority - They said jump- we said How high. Today - you hear of kids planning attacks on their high school principal via  their chat lines.  Back in my day  I got into trouble because I gave the kid a dime to make the call into the school for a bomb scare 1972. Because since  I was just  lending this person the dime - he said to call his mom - and because I  had a clean record -  I wasn't punished. I think the violence that the media sends us has been the catalyst for alot of bad behaviours.  It is democratic to respect others   privacy but when we don't know what our kids are into on their chat lines - this breaks down that issue and that is scary. TRUST AND RESPECT  come into focus. Drugs have been  a conversation in our house since my daughter was in grade three.   I don't regret it - She doesn't smoke or do drugs or drink  yet, hopefully never, please and thankyou.  Of course - the only thing we are guilty of is social drinking - so I guess that is the example we have set for her. 
Back  then in  70's  there was a place at the shack in Brown Park I was told that red pills could be obtained.  So secretive hush hush. OOOOOHHHH  I could go on and on.     It makes one wonder which generation was/is  better.   I am worried because my daughter will be going to a new high school next September which does not have a good reputation.This is the only school that offers these courses.   She told me this morning Mum  I am 17,   I can handle myself.  You know - I  think she will be alright. She has it in herself to stay on the straight line as she has proven so far.  I prefer  the good old  days.    

laurie19540 MSN said...

That made be laugh - I remember stories of my brother. He is 65 now - with the Bill Haley curl - sopping wet - jacket and shirt open -  I guess so he could grow hair on his chest (Hmmm ??0  and   winter boots  open with the laces and tongue of the boot getting  soaked.   Cool dude

the lad MSN said...

Hi Laurie19540   Just read about what u posted about the kids today and what we went thru. You got in trouble because you lent a kid a dime...a bunch of us got called in the Principal's office in 68-69 because we made a joke in the boy's basement about phoning in a bomb scare to get time off and standing in front of the houses across the street to protect them in case something went day in class the phone goes off and one by one all the usual supects are in front of the a warning and told to go back to class and watch it.....good times... The other thing was the winter boots with the folded over flaps..we used to call them flight boots and all the "cool" guys wore them.Gave them the appearance of being hard.. Oh Man...Friend of mine in grade 5 wet his hair like you said and in the winter with no hat on was funny to try and touch his hair....stiff like a board...   Lad    

mom1945-linda MSN said...

Anybody have one of those 'pocket warmers' ~~ it contained something like cotton batten and you poured some sort of kerosene or lighter fluid on it and lit it.  It was metal, like the old fashioned cigarette cases.  I didn't have one, but borrowed one from a friend.  You just held in in your hand, in your pocket.  Quite an invention, but I guess it wasn't very popular.

laurie19540 MSN said...

Lad Did I open up a can of worms ?   That was the year - I was in grade eight.  I believe it was Curtis Duquette who bummed the dime off me.   Ring any bells  ? 

laurie19540 MSN said...

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montrealgoodtimes MSN said...

Good post Lad ! I remember the boots all too well. I should have taken a pic back then.  It seems no one understands about the boots when I explain now.  Anyone have a pic to post? The hair oh yeah, By the time I got to the bus stop on Sherbrooke St. it was frozen solid. Looked really cool ! No one would laugh at us on the bus..... cause they had the same hairdo too ! The guys that is.   The pocket warmer, I remember that too my dad gave me his.   Truely great times !   George    

edbro68 MSN said...

It pleases me to see the way kids are dressed now. The jackets they have are all lined and breeches have thankfully disappeared. Corduroy pants look good and are warm. No more billy boots, today the boots are lined and warm. Of course, I still see girls at the bus stop in winter wearing mini skirts and wondering why they are shivering. What's worse, they won't let me put my arms around them to keep them warm. One girl said OK but as soon as I put my arms around her legs she pushed me away. Hard to understand women.                 Ed

maggiemck MSN said...

You're too funny Ed!

edbro68 MSN said...

I was listening to a kid today in front of the Couche Tard (All night store) He was wearing a radio or something with head phones and singing in English some rather raw rap. Every second word was an 'F' word but I don't think he knew it. It's obvious he was French. The man in the store came out and whispered in his ear. The shock on his face told the story. He put the thing in his pocket and went away.  Ed

tommy MSN said...

I remember (in the '50s) wearing "flight boots" that zipped up the sides and had fleece lining...never zipped up, not cool. Also a car coat I think we called it a "suburban". The most uncool coat to wear was a "station wagon coat with a fake fur collar and lapels" Only Dads would be caught dead in one. Whatever and no matter how cold it was, coats never done up and no gloves or scarfe!

edbro68 MSN said...

I remember the 50's too, but the only ones I remember wearing flight boots were the police. I don't remember 'cool' back then. In the 40's and 50's most of us wore whatever our parents could afford. Many kids wore billy boots to school on deep snow days. Most popular was the overshoe with the zipper up the middle. We had to have shoes underneath.               Ed

mom1945-linda MSN said...

I remember the fellas wearing these type of zipped up flight boots in the 60's.  Also very popular were the bomber jackets.