Sunday, November 4, 2007

VCHS CLASS 1963-64

I just posted 2 pics of the 63-64 VCHS grad class. Due to the size of the original, I was unable to compress it into one. Lettering may be hard to read, am sure some photos will be familiar.


bahama865 MSN said...

sgwu, your pics are great, now we would like photos of 61-62 girls grads. photos of school events, hopefully, carolyn bennett

sgwu731 MSN said...

Thx Caroline, unfortunately this is the only school pic I can find. Will try to get my hands on others when I visit my sister in Montreal this weekend. Rgds Ron Chapdelaine

bahama865 MSN said...

ron, thanks, i appreciate, all, your efforts but there has to be some group photos from st.willibrords high  girls and vch girls, please post if you have any, carolyn bennett