Saturday, August 4, 2007

Verdun Connections Announcement - Verdun Connections Revival

The Verdun Connections Revival announcement was intended to help those people that had lost their way to VC find their way back. It was not intended to open old animosities. I would like to feel free to post and read messages as all other members are free to do. My intention in beginning this group was to help people (including myself) find old friends and acquaintances. I didn't anticipate that I would be viewed as "the establishment" and be a target for disenchanted members to throw mud at.
I will continue to "moderate" VC as I have since it's beginning. Although it is primarily for the purpose of finding people, members are free to post messages on any topic they feel comfortable with. Attacks against other members, solicitations, pornography, racism and anything else that is offensive will be deleted. I do my best to be fair. That's all I can offer. I have counted on Les_F to share the load and he has not let me down. I hope you all will continue to participate and keep making those "Verdun Connections". The most important part of this group is the members!
Vive le difference!

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brownblvd MSN said...

Hi Maggie (and Les),

I think that you guys have done a great service for hundreds of Verduners (currently at 773 members!!). I think most folks generally appreciate what you have done (and continue to do), but a very small minority maybe have taken your efforts for granted in the distant past and stepped over the line a liitle bit.

The ugliest situations were those where folks attacked one another personally. A good rule of thumb when replying to someone in anger is to draft the reply, but don't send it; instead let is sit a day or two and then re-read it. When someone does that, it usually does not get sent at all or gets toned down. This is because whoever initally wrote something in anger has time to cool down and sees what they initally wrote from the perspective of someone with a cooler head.

The traffic has been very civil for a long time, in my opinion (but maybe that is because you guys have done a good job in filtering out the BS).

Anyways, thanks for your efforts and keep up the great work!!!