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Street prostitution plagues Verdun

Sadly, street prostitution is thriving in Verdun. Here's a little video proving the sad situation.


bettylooca MSN said...

Sadly, this is not new. Around 1993, my daugther's friend asked if I could help his mother. She attended Verdun High School so I felt obliged to try  to help. I picked her up (more like dragged her out), where they liked to congregate (Restaurant on Verdun Ave/De l'Eglise),  I think that it is no longer there anymore, a glue house on Ethel, and several other locations. Unfortunately, she really didn't want to be helped and I used to see her on de l'Eglise, walking the street up to the highway for a few years after. Only those that help themselves really want help!

les__f MSN said...

From what I am lead to believe,.Verdun has made some good strides in cleaning up the city somewhat,..........but Sadly as Bettlooca mentions,,,,,,,,no city seems to be exempt from the prostitution factor,but more sadly is that most of these women we are referring to these days ,.are drug addicts,and would seem to do anything to get 'another hit'......... The real plaque it seems is the cheap drugs that proliferate every city these days,........ Here in Victoria ( a very big tourist town) we have more than our share of crack head junkies,that make no effort to hide,.& the police make no effort to control ( there's not much they can do,really) Back to Verdun though I can Rem3ember visiting Verdun back in the 80's ?? and seeing many of the avenues with obvious drug houses, and I have seen in subsequent visits,that it seems to have been cleaned up a little more,.........or I didn't see it as blatent is it pushed to the 'east of Church Av' now ,Is that the 'bad' end of town these days,..I Remember jearing or reading story's in the GAzette that the Biker Gangs ,had moved into Verdun,.again east of Church Av...but more up aropund Bannantyne but I do agree with Bettylooca,.,that until some of these people Want to Help themselves,.......then there is really not much that can be done...... Remember when you would see the odd bum sleeping in Atwater Park  (homeless person nowadays,.but we grew up knowing them as disrespect ever intended either then or now,.just called a spade a spade I every city every where seems to have a large number of 'Homeless'   some by choice of course,.but many through circumstance I think..........................Other than help in small ways ,ie: donations of food and clothing,  I really don't know what we can do..... I think our court systems ,do not do anything to help,with their constant lack of action towards known thieves who break into cars & homes (often doing more damage dollar wise,than the objects they steal & trade for pennies on the dollar to buy more Drugs...............   YIKES If they are caught ,then maybe a jail sentabce should be i,posed,.and carried out ,with the 'proviso' that they can 'opt' to voluntarrily check into real rehab treatmeant ,in return for less time served.......Who Knows what the answers are,..but giving them 'Free Needles & Providing 'get this Safe Injection Sites ///////////   Vancouver does this & Victoria is thinking of doing it also............Funny they don't 'give Free Needles' to the many Diabetics in the country ,most of whom are law abiding tax payers,,,,,,, After getting their 'free needles' & having a 'safe injections site'......they go out & steal,or prostitute themselves ,to buy more Drugs........and so the circle carry's on........................................  Not an easy fix to any of this,.....but I hope it gets solved somehow............for everyone's sake:                                                                                                      HF&RV

maggiemck MSN said...

Verdun's "prostitution problem" looks like one pathetic sole being videotaped against her wishes. I know that it is likely more of a problem than that, but really, the tape simply shows that someone violated that woman's rights (she's still a person regardless of her choices or poor fortune) and posted it on the internet for all to see. Looks like Verdun is just like any other place in the "free" world. It's got good and bad qualities and residents.

levisjeans8 MSN said...


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Sadly, street prostitution is
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les__f MSN said...

Hi MaggieMck,.funny you mention the woman being videotaped clearly against her wishes,.because I ubderstood that Quebec actually had a law ,that basically did not allow taking anyone's picture without their consent,.except for news related things like accidents or fires etc etc ,.where it would be somewhat inevitable to capture someones likeness as they walked by.....???  Don't know how true that is,..but this gal clearly didn't like her picture being taken,.and she would be within her rights to complain,.or insist on it's removal from the site it was posted at: There certainly is no evidence of the claim that she is a hooker,......(at least not in that bit of film.................but perhaps it was taken by an irate neighbour who doesn't approve of her line of work,.or more accuratley doesn't approve of her doing her work in this neighbourhood,.and intentionally set out to embarass her into 'moving along' I doubt most of us would like a hooker's stroll in front of Our homes either,.....(if that was indeed the case)  

les__f MSN said...

, A case from Quebec (and I don't mean a two-four).....hahahaha           this maybe the case I had heard of,.but i'm not sure...... Permission The Canadian Supreme Court last year upheld the right insofar as it applied to the publication of someone's photograph without their permission. This seems to mirror, not surprisingly, the interpretation being put on privacy by the French courts. The Quebec case involved the publication in an arts magazine of a picture of a 17-year-old girl sitting on the steps of a building in a Montreal street. Yes, the picture was taken in a public place, but no, it wasn't published with her permission. The court concluded that the right to "one's image" is included in the right to respect for one's private life, Section 5 of the Quebec Charter. Now this is all very well, but what about freedom of expression? The Quebec charter provides for such an exemption. But not in this case. The court provided some examples where someone should not expect to avoid being photographed: people engaged in public activity or who had acquired a certain degree of notoriety. The court qualified the circumstances further to apply this principle to those whose "professional success depends on public opinion" or "previously unknown individuals called upon to play high profile roles in public matters", such as in an important trial or in activities involving the use of public funds or involving public safety.   .............................Have Fun & Remember Verdun.....................................

deedee3944 MSN said...

Hi Les...I read your post.I lived in Victoria B.C in 1955 it was so dead we use to call Victoria, for the Newly-weds & Nearly Deads .When I heard a few years ago what you were saying about the drug addicts being there and street people I couldn't beleive it.It was such a beautiful place back then.Things must have changed a lot.I guess they went there because of the climate?? I think prostitution is every where I couldn't beleive when I heard they were on Wellington Street in the Point till 5am.Now I am shocked again to hear they are in Verdun I must be living under a rock in my old age!!!! It is a very sad society we live in.I don't know what the answere is.I lived in Calgary in the 80s I came back for a visit I went down to St.Cathrine street my favourite street,I couldn't beleive my eyes there was a guy looking in the garbage for food.I thought to my self  my god what has happend to Montreal.In 1981 I was visiting Vancouver we were down in Gastown around 6pm all of a sudden the police came along and started putting people in the paddy wagon they were all out of it, on boose and drugs.I guess they (police) thought they were better of in the lock up.I felt so bad to see them almost throwing them into the paddy wagon.

les__f MSN said...

Hi Deedee,.Yes some major changes that just seem to creep up on us all,.... When I first got here over 30 years ago,...........there were only Two (2) stores where you could buy cigarettes or whatever,.after (pm) One was a place called Kwon-Lee's right on th corner of Douglas St & Chinatown entrance (Fisgard)...........and the other was on Fort St closer to Oak Bay Av & Richmond (roughly) and it was called Freddie the Freeloader' for jar stores (Liquor Stores) there were only a few that were open to 11pm, in the whole City,.............................Yikes!!(LoL)......................   a couple of bars were open where you could buy 'off sales' .............but other than that this City was Sleepy ,.with te old sidewalks rolled up at 9ish...............  and the Phrase you mentioned was still very much in use to describe the inhabitants here. Newly Weds & Nearly Deads................                             The Times They are a changing..........BobDylan                                                                                            HF&RV