Friday, August 10, 2007


Does anybody know the whereabouts of Pam or Karen Guindon? They went to VCCHS in the 70's, they lived on Rolland ave. and they had a little brother named David, we were good friends for so long and I'd love to know how they are and maybe get in contact again. Thank-you for your help.
                               Janet Bagley (Myles)


kedsmom1 MSN said...

hi janet:   I think it is same janet I sent an e-mail to last xmas when you were looking for cindy Martin & darlene love from VCHS.   Just curious- did you ever get in touch with them, I used to hang around with them in the 80's.   Thanks Susan

gofers2 MSN said...

HI Susan, Yes thanks to responses from verdun connections I found Cindy, she is doing great!!!                            Janet

gofers2 MSN said...

Hello again,            Was it you who gave me the info on how I might find Cindy?                                    Janet