Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hi you all I'm Back

I now have internet services back and I just wanted
to say how much I have missed you guy's.

I can;t wait to hear from you.



tommy MSN said...

Hi Levis, welcome back, everyone missed you too...I hope that all is well with you.

ccccccccccccc7148 MSN said...

good to see you back lyn carol richer

levisjeans8 MSN said...

Hi Carol
It is good to be back! I hope all is well with

claroleca2 MSN said...

Nice to see you back Levisjeans.  How did you choose that name?  The name makes me think of a time when we all wore either Levi Jeans or Lee's, bought my first pair in Alexis Nihon plaza. Anyhoo, one time there was a discussion, I think there was anyways, on how we came up with our VC names, like mine is Claroleca. It was developed from a friend who once mistakenly called me Clarole and I added on ca at the end from another nickname, that I would just hate to disclose right now. It's a little embarassing.      As always, take care,   Carole 

winnie3ave MSN said...

Don't be embarrassed to tell us how you can up with that. That is what we are here for. So you can share. Waiting anxiously......

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winnie3ave MSN said...

Came up with that. I must have been to excited thinking about that name.

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the lad MSN said...

Hi Levisjeans     Welcome back..   Lad

levisjeans8 MSN said...

Thanks for your message great to hear from

claroleca2 MSN said...

No, don't think I can.  Maybe if I hear of other embarassing nickname stories....       Carole

gorderic MSN said...

Hi Lynn:   Welcome back. I went to school with your brother Bill. I recently saw a letter to the editor to the Brampton Guardian from Bill Yetman of Brampton. Does your brother Bill live in Brampton?   Gord Gibbons Brampton

levisjeans8 MSN said...

Hi GordEric
Bill lives in Bolton, He is a fire fighter in
Vaughn & is doing well from himself.
Thanks for the welcome it is good to be back I
missed hearing about the days in Verdun.

winnie3ave MSN said...

You can email at my email address. I promise I won't tell anyone!!!!

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levisjeans8 MSN said...

Yup it was all about what kind of Jeans you wore.
If you didn't have a pair of Levis (red tab) you just were not
Don't be shy alot of us would love to hear how
& what your other nick name was.

claroleca2 MSN said...

We could only afford 1 pair at the time & Lee's were the better price.    With the nickname, I do have to see something alot worse than I think mine was.  My older brother Brian doesn't get on line, but if he did, he would tell.  Lucky me! Hehehe.       Take care,   Carole