Monday, March 5, 2007

Verdun Directions

Maybe it's because I have always been "directionally challenged" but descriptions of corners in Verdun often confuse me. When I look at a Google Map, it tells me that LaSalle Blvd, Wellington St., Verdun Ave., Bannantyne St. and Champlain Blvd. for the most part run South to North in Verdun. This would put the River running along the East side of Verdun and the Aquaduct running along the West. I always felt that I went up (north) Willibrord from LaSalle Blvd. to Wellington Street when in fact I was travelling West. I'm getting dizzy thinking about this!
How do/did you see it?
*(for those of you that thought you saw this one already, this is a corrected post)

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edbro68 MSN said...

Maggie, The whole thing is screwed up. The they call the south shore is actually east of us. The say the Wellington bus runs east to west. It does not. It runs North to South. People will swear that's wrong but there is one thing they cannot argue with. In Verdun the sun rises over Brossard mand sets over Ville Emard.          Ed