Thursday, March 1, 2007


I don't know what is going on. Your membership was not cancelled by the management. There have been other reports of memberships being cancelled. I'm glad that you (Ron) just re-applied. Anyone else should do the same if their membership gets cancelled. MSN is playing games with us?


touchy826 MSN said...

Maggie: Have not heard if you still want the CD I have  on the History of Verdun, If you come this way, or have a friend pick same up, or I can mail, or deliver.   I live in Cahteauguay, but travel to Mtl, very often.

touchy826 MSN said...

HI;   Also how does one cancel photos,  my file being full  ??

laurie19540 MSN said...

Touchy If you go into your photo section  there should be an ADD PHOTO and DELETE PHOTO option. It was quite easy when I deleted my school pics to free up space . Laurie