Saturday, March 17, 2007

St Patrick's Day .

 Happy St  Paddy's  Day, March 17, 07 to all our Irish  (or Irish wannabee)  VC People out there. 

Laurie O'Etienne.


happydi2 MSN said...

 To everyone from Nova Scotia!     Dianne

donna mcfarlane MSN said...

Hi Laurie, did you ever hear back from Earl ? Donna

biking2006 MSN said...

Dear Abby,
I heard from a good Irish Catholic that one can, on St. Patrick’s Day, get inebriated and have relations with any pretty girl who takes a fancy to you, as long as you do not take pleasure in it. Is this true?

laurie19540 MSN said...

Thanks Donna.  I heard from him.  He has a wonderful sense of humour.  Laurie.