Friday, March 9, 2007

so long for now

Hello every one

It is with great sadness that I have to say so long
for now. My partner of several year's has told me he has no feelings for me
anymore. He is moving out and among other things taking the computer. I am going
to have to sign out of this site till I can manage to get myself another one.


You people have managed to be my only connection to
what once was my home "Verdun" I have not been on this site for very long , but
feel a great connection to all of you.

 I will however still be on this site through
out the week end.

I think I hope . Your support & some of your
kick ass attitude would be a boost for me .


Thanks you all    


laurie19540 MSN said...

Very sorry Levis to hear of your situation.  You must be devastated.  At a time like this you need good buddies - Wendy   -   US. You can always use a library's computer to stay connected. Alot of them have computer time -- you book a time, a certain day or whatever and they are always helpful.
Take care - stay connected - Will be waiting to hear from you.   Laurie  

happydi2 MSN said...

Sorry to hear your sad news, Levis.....we are with you 100%.   Don't let it get you down, I know that is easy for me to say.   Laurie's advice is good, check out the local library and hopefully you'll find a good deal on a computer soon.   Take care, Dianne

maggiemck MSN said...

Lynne, I just want to echo Di's and Laurie's advice about the library. Let us know how you're doing. We'll be thinking about you and wondering. There are some great deals on computers out there and often people are looking to get rid of their working older models too.

shirleybh2 MSN said...

Head off to your local library and check out the computer situation and stay in touch.  I am sure that this has probably been brewing for a long time and better to be alone that with someone who doesnt want to be there.  We are all here for you - where are you located???  When God closes a door He opens a window - so dont focus on the closed door check out the windows. Hugs

les__f MSN said...

Hi Levisjeans,..................  All the advice people have offered so far ,is good, the Library does usually offer use of their internet computers,for free , It's a good deal,.and a nice option to at least keep you connected in the short term,...... I also have been searching for Free or Inexpensive Comps ,that you can check out in the Northbay Area (that is where you are isn't it?) COMPUTER, Pentium 3 3/4/2007 Pentium 3, 450 cpu, 128 ram, 6.4 gig hard drive,windows 2000, antivirus, includes 17" monitor, mouse and keyboard. Internet ready. $ view pic go here:
Call 472-0458 that is one example if a temporary used one helps ,...this is listed under the classifieds section,of that link posted above: Good Luck Levis,.......and rest assured you willfind support from here,keeping you connected ,................            You've prompted many good memories of our lives in Verdun,..... and it's appreciated ,.and we look forward to more of your Input, Stick With It..................................and like Jimmy (kungfu says) Hang Tough                                                      

mom1945-linda MSN said...

Levisjeans,    You can't lose us that easily......just keep in touch any way, any how, any day.   Chin up, gurly.

the lad MSN said...

Hi Lynn   Just read your message. Been there myself..gets better.. Sounds weird but could be doing you a favor. That was my experience. Don't ever forget on here you are home.You have a really large extended family. Like Wendy said lean on them..   Keep smiling Lad

sandy19465 MSN said...

This message has been deleted by the author.

earlcooper1 MSN said...

Hi Lynn              Don't get down. Us Verduners have a resiliency compared to no others. I'm sure you'll "bounce" back. Remember, there's strength in numbers & you can count on all of us members for support. Get back soon.   Earl.

bombog2004 MSN said...

Sorry to hear of your circumstances, Lynn.  As you can tell by these posts, our thoughts are with you in this difficult situation.    Not to minimize what you're going through, but, later on, this event might prove to have been a blessing in disguise; for as one door closes, another opens.   Be well, hang tough,   Jack  

mom1945-linda MSN said...

levisjeans ~ you might try the local Freecycle group in North Bay.  I understand they often have free computers to give away.  I guess they don't have all the latest whiz-bangs and gadgets, but would be good for a start.    Here's the address:

laurie19540 MSN said...

Levis  I was thinking - at my daughters school  they sell used computers really cheap around this time of year . These are high  quality  computers that are well maintained by the computer technicians for the students.   Perhaps you could contact  the local school board and ask. Laurie   

gloworm138 MSN said...

Wow little Sis, Never realized when you tuned me into Verdun Connection that we would form such tight bonds with old Verdun.  I should have know though because just as I am alway proud to say I was from Verdun I am a strong believer in how great the people who came from there are.  Most of us came from very little and learned early in life to share and take care of our neighbour.  I feel blessed to have met all this gang on this site and feel good that they are all giving you great advise.  You will be okay.  We will get you back chatting in no time.   Big Sis, Glo

winnie3ave MSN said...

Lynn. I am so sorry. My heart aches for you. We don't know what your situation is, and can only hope that you cope in the right way with this. For sure it will be a struggle, and upsetting for you. But please remember that you do have each of us as a support group here. And as suggested, until you can get your own computer, do go to the library and keep in touch. What is that saying? "It is always darkest before the dawn".  It must have been some smart a@@ed Verdunite!!! We will also be checking with SIS, to make sure you are okay. You may seem like you are alone, but you are not. Winston

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levisjeans7 MSN said...

biking   Thanks I was sing the song as I
was reading it.
I could add a few a few suggestions to go with that
however I am a lady !!

metalman108 MSN said...


you always wrote back to me, tells me
you are a good hearted verduner.
its only a little road bump

levisjeans7 MSN said...

 Winnie   Glad your back .
 Dignity . Yes I feel it is the best way to
go. I wouldn' feel better about myself if I behave poorley. It wouldn' make me
feel any better about myself.
I know that there is a plan for me I just have to
be patient and all will be reveled.   Your thoughts are greatly
appreciated. Thank you

winnie3ave MSN said...

Lynn. Yes, there is a plan for you. Stay positive, stay patient, and most of all continue to be dignified, and positive. You WILL come thru this!!!!!

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levisjeans7 MSN said...

Hey All   It looks like I'll be able to
have another Computer by next Wed. $ 150.00 I don't know too much about them but
this guy I buying it off of puts parts together and makes up a computer. He
asked me what I use it for and I told him for Internet and my resumes and stuff
like that.
So I hope I don't get shafted again Ha  Ha Ha

Any tips on what to look for? Got any ideas
questions I could ask him?   Thanks again for all your help

Lovin this new freedom already Lynn

les__f MSN said...

Hi Levisjeans, may also want to have a look at the site,.they might have a decent deal on a good basic Dell desktop,.....if you don't want all the bells & whistles ,for now,........they do offer some reasonable P4's ,.or better depending on your needs,.the good thing is that you also recieve 24/7 tech support for life,.........ZDo some reading kiddo,..You'll Do Judt Fine..............                          Good Luck,.they may have also a pay'mt deal ???  I'm not sure about that,.but they might:    

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

ever so true...When one door closes ,another opens.. john

biking2006 MSN said...

Hi Lynn, Ask him to set it up for you 'in your home'. Ask him to connect with your email server first and see if you can email someone. Then connect to Verdun Connections and see what happens there. Get a receipt.

habfan MSN said...

Hi Lynn,     I'm sorry to read about this, life sends us some nasty curves. If you go to your local library, they should have computers for your use, and you can keep in touch with the site.       Mike

wendythepool MSN said...

To my oldest and dearest friend,
Lynn, I am sad to hear about your troubles, but I know your history, and I know you,like Gloria Gaynor said in the song "I will survive".That's you to the tee my friend.Love you always,and you know how to get in touch with me anytime you need me.
Love Wendy

tinytina19581 MSN said...

Sorry to hear Lynn Good luck and all the best. From one who know it is not an easy path you are about to venture.   Tiny_Tina

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Tiny Tina   Thanks for your message it is
all good. I have found a border who will help with rent. I am looking forward to
my new life. My daughter has her own life now and I am free to do what.

I am hoping to travel this summer Montreal being
the first spot I hit for all that good food. I can taste it now! I'd like to
hook up with some of the people from this site. I feel I know some of you . It
would be great fun Maybe we could all organize a time & place.
Tiny Tina thanks so much for your support

the lad MSN said...

Hi Levis   Just checking in to see how you are doing?   Lad

levisjeans7 MSN said...

The Lad   Today I feel like I'm having a
complete melt down
I am trying to get my kitchen painted and by no
means I'm I a painter. The window fell on my hands nearly crushing them. So I
put on my coat and went for a walk in the cold air to free me up a little. I've
got the poor me's, A friend told me that it is about time I started feeling some
thing I just have to go trhough it. I know I'll come out in the end a much
stronger person. For now I'm just taking one munite at a time.  Thanks for

mom1945-linda MSN said...

Levisjeans   Pity parties are good for the soul once in a while.  Go ahead, have one, you'll feel a whole heck better afterwards.   Cheers.

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Mom  I have to own my anger, pity, sorrow,
resentments then let them go or they will eat me alive. Today was a bad one I
can only pray that tomorrow will be better.
Thanks so much for your words of
Cheers to you!!

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Wendy I just wanted to let you know that I will not
be able to have the use of my computer as of this Sunday April 1.I had all the
services cut off except for my phone. I will be able to call you. I will will be
going back to only Canadian content on the T.V. I don't mind the T.V. thing
however I will miss this site very much. I usually ck in every day. It is going
to seem lonley without being able to chat with all you people on a daily
basis.  I am hoping to be able to get back on to these services some time
in the near future.
Love you all
Take Care Lynn

happydi2 MSN said...

Good luck, Lynn, take care of yourself and we will be here when you can sign back on. And here's a hug......   Dianne

sabby MSN said...

Lynn,    A cyberhug from me also.  So no cable, nothing except a phone!  Ah, the good old days!    Maybe this might be a good time for you to start writing.  Seems to me you mentioned you wanted to write a book when you first joined this site, so lucky you, here's your opportunity.  And even if it's not for publication, the act of putting pen to paper is comforting and may help you make sense of things past and present.    I, like everyone else, look forward to hearing good news from you when you are able to come back on board.  Best of luck to you, Lynn.  Remember, you are the boss of you!   Dolly

sandy19465 MSN said...

This message has been deleted by the author.

winnie3ave MSN said...

Lynn. Don't be long. We are starting to miss you already. See you REAL SOON!!!!!
Winston Allison

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maybelle03 MSN said...

Good luck Lynn...Hope you are back soon safe...June