Friday, March 2, 2007


Les I also knew the pucci family they had a band I
think their dad was the singer. I also knew their drummer Ronny Culligan.


les__f MSN said...

Levis  I have a picture soewhere when Ronny ,Gerry ,.Mike all went to play for the summer on a Cruise ship the Alexander Pushkin it cruised the Bahamas ,.and Cuba ,.leaving fromthe port of Montreal,..Ronny was a good guy I have not heard of him in years,.......I'll have to give Gerry a call, Gerry's & Mikes Dad, Quido was a singer and a very good one,...... tha's a long time ago...................  

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Les I guess I should read all your messages before
writing back. Ronny Culligan married a very good friend Dale Boran
They were seeing each other at the time of the
cruise you spoke of , My friend Dale passed away Leaving Ronny and a young son.
It was very sad. I don't know anyone who is in touch with

les__f MSN said...

Yes Levis I did Remember hearing that,.,she was very young if I Rememeber rightly,...Gerry told me about that,......very sad thing ,.........That has to be 20 years ago??? 

les__f MSN said...

I will look thorugh my pictures as I went onthe Ship for a Public Visit type of thing ,and I have pictures of a few of us all on the boat,.........just before they left ,.I will try to dig them up & post them if I can..... I know Muareen Laik was seeing Mike,at the time,.and Gayle was seeing & later married Gerry (I flew back for their wedding in the late 70's ),.and Ronny was there of course I wonder if I have a picture of your girlfrind Dale ( I don't Remember now,.)  but I did take a few pics ,so maybe she's in them