Saturday, March 31, 2007

BINGO Restaurant

Here is the BINGO Restaurant corner Verdun and Egan. Excellant food, had a Hotdog, fries and Pepsi for $3.15 on thursday. Notice the exterior of the building is being renovated.


les__f MSN said...

The car in the photo that Guy posted,.looked familiar ,so I wondered if it was the same company as this photo......a Good Then & Now,.shot:   .........Somehwat close ,..look at the rooster on the roof............

the lad MSN said...

Hi Guy   See Au Coq still  on corner of  Egan  as well...   Lad

metalman108 MSN said...

know the old picture its the same au coq
they used to be on wellingon st
back then as little verduners
after a hard day delivering
groceries with the little red wagons.
we went to get the chefs special
get a leg or breast, fries, sauce, bun
we all sat on our wagons enjoying
the chefs special.
at times even today on my travels
to verdun i go to au coq
order a few chef specials
take hem to my mom and bro
and enjoy the memories
thanks for the now and before pictures of au coq
fellow verduners

guy5479 MSN said...

Les, There is a big Au Coq BarBQ on the other side of Egan, on the corner. I saw several delivery cars and many people leaving the store with BBQ lunches. They seem to be doing  very good business as well as Bingo. Please confirm that in fact Au Coq were at Bingos for our archives at the SHGV. Guy

brownblvd MSN said...

Hi Guy,

Regarding Bingo's on Verdun, I agree with you. My brother, who visits Verdun often, also highly recommends the place for either breakfast or lunches. You can't beat the menu item that you had, for taste and price, although I believe that their prices went up recently.. Wasn't that what they call the Trio Number One?


biking2006 MSN said...

metalman108 MSN said...


just looked at the au coq site
living in ottawa, there's a au coq in hull
takes 15 minutes to get there
tastes the same as the verdun au coq
but the pizza in ottawa and hull
does not come close to montreal or verdun pizza.
at desperate times i call pizza pizza
tastes like cardboard.

edbro68 MSN said...

Au coq has been in that location for decades but the new St.Hubert BBQ at LaSalle and Church is much better.                                    Ed