Sunday, May 6, 2007

Population of Verdun 1876 to 1980

I have found the following information at the SHGV yesterday on the population of Verdun wich may interest some members:
1876 Population 200
1881       "          278
1901       "         1898
1911       "         11,629
1920       "         25,674
1925       "         34,802
1930       "         54,911
1935       "         60,871
1940       "         64,314
1945       "         74,087
1950       "         77,986
1955       "         82,711
1960       "         86,233
1965       "         88,900
1970       "         91,109
1975       "         81,279
1980       "         68,000
As you can see, the population peaked in 1970 and is presently in the 60,000 range.
Obviously, people are not having childtren any more.


les__f MSN said...

Thanks Guy,.for that information,.............I see 1970 ,at 91,109,....... and I can almost swear that I rememberred the sign registerring a Pop. of 99,000+ I guess 'time' plays tricks with te memory............. I wonder if the City of Verdun,.had an official phtotgrapher,.that went around and took pictures of  everything,.and they are just waiting to be found again... now that would be a real treasure chest of pics............ You must have a ball,going through all of that information ............I'd sure like to spend a couple of days searching around the SHGV archives,....... I wonder what 'neat finds' there are in te old City Hall Library,......i'll bet there's stuff in boxes ,that hasn't been seen in decades                     Thanks Again Guy        ........have fun & remember Verdun

guy5479 MSN said...

Les, I found the information on the population of Verdun while going through boxes wich contains many other information that was the results of research by members. This is an example of many hours of research done by members and unfortunately is  left in boxes gathering dust. Since a member of the SHGV, I have complained that this is unfortunate and I am trying to promote these valuable documents. I do not want to give the impression that we are a large organisation, on the contrary, although we have app. 20,000 books, we are limited in space and we rely on unpaid volunteers. I have renewed my term for another 2 years and hopefully my health will hold out. Guy                

les__f MSN said...

Great Work,..........Guy,.and it's Appreciated,.........just need to  get more people aware of the need to Help,.and also the Importance of History ,documents,photos,books,.........Very Important,. Look at the Terrfic Photo's that were posted on the Point Saint Charles site,a few months ago ( they were of GooseVillage (Victoria Town),.a neighbourhood that was wiped out ,by Jean Drapeau, of the people in the Point found a box containing documents and Photo's,.and they were going to the Garbage Heap,.until saved by someone like yourself,.who realised the importance. .................Thanks Again..................

mom1945-linda MSN said...

Guy,   What an invaluable service you are performing for the generations to come.  You seem to cover all topics....from A to Z.....and everything in between.  Whenever I notice that you have posted something I am always thrilled to learn something new.   Thanks very much, and here's hoping to many more years of sorting through the boxes of paperwork that may have otherwise gone to the landfill.   Merci beaucoup.