Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not Sure How Accurate this is

.....but here's some Stats,  (which can never be relied upon)

Minimum Wage in Canada

Updated: 05/01/07

Province General Wage More Information
Alberta $7.00 Alberta Employment
BC $8.00 B.C. Ministry of Labour
Manitoba $8.00 Manitoba Labour
New Brunswick $7.00 New Brunswick Employment Standards
Newfoundland $7.00 Labour Relations Agency
NWT $8.25
Nova Scotia $7.60 Environment and Labour
Nunavut $8.50
Ontario $8.00 Ministry of Labour
PEI $7.50 Community and Cultural Affairs
Quebec $8.00 Commission des normes du travail
Saskatchewan $7.95 Saskatchewan Labour
Yukon $8.37

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shirleyb-h MSN said...

In Calgary the minimum wage might be $7 BUT even McDonalds are forced to pay $10 to the kids who work there and are over 16- Tim Hortons pays more as do more of the grocery stores etc or they dont get staff - severe shortage here.

maggiemck MSN said...

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guy5479 MSN said...

Quite a diffference with the .19 an hour I used to make in 1945 in a tobacco factory removing the center strip from tobacco leafs wich where in  large wooden barrels at the back of the store on Church street. The tobacco store sold tobacco in bulk at so much per pound. The name of the factory was Globe Tobacco Factory, 430 Church per Lovells Directory. Guy