Sunday, January 21, 2007

What are the titles of the bookss . .


I am interested in knowing what you are writing and
the titles.


sabby MSN said...

Hi levisjeans,   Thanks for asking.  I 've been published in newspapers, anthologies, literary publications, the CBC and stage, but yet to have my own book out.  So I'm working on a short story collection with a summer link, and a novel which brought me to VC in the first place.  It is taking me longer than I wish because I also have a day job  'cause the eatins' better :-)   Since it is a fictional novel in progress, I won't share specifics --- I think it's bad luck --- suffice to say the location is sixties/seventies Montreal and some of the scenes take place in Verdun because I know those locations.  To twig my memory of Verdun in those years, a friend suggested I check out VC for my research.  I've received some good info which I've already incorporated and continue to pop in  and out whenever I need inspiration.   Dolly

sabby MSN said...

...The working titles are:  Smoke Summer (for the short story collection) and the novel in progress is called Lody-Da! after the protagonist.  They are only working titles and can change in the end.   Dolly

levisjeans7 MSN said...

 Thanks for sharing. I would love to write my
life story, however I afraid I'D get locked up. Ha Ha.
I have this book It is called MONTREAL MON
It is short stories . One of them is written by
Daniel Adams
Titled Jiffy.
Do you know about this book? Remember our Mom's
would use Jiffy if we had a tooth ache. It's a wonderful

sabby MSN said...

Hi levisjeans,   Yep, I hear that all the time---wanna right my life story----but writing and living your life is not the same thing, and writing is not easy.   Nope,  haven't heard of that book or author.  Gail Scott wrote a book called My Montreal which I hear is good and have yet to read.  I'll check it out once I catch up on some Albertan writers whose books are piling up near my bedside.   Nope, my mother never used Jiffy.  We were immigrants and my parents didn't speak English.  Sorry.   Dolly

sabby MSN said...

My short stories are set in either Montreal or Edmonton or both.  It's my way to bridge the communication gap between the east and west.     Dolly 

edbro68 MSN said...

For Seniors in the Montreal area, McGill has a course called, 'Write The Story of Your Life.'           Ed

sabby MSN said...

Yep, here too at the U of A Extension.  People hit their fifities and they want to leave something for their kids and grandkids, a bit of history, especially women .  Writing memoir is very popular now.   Dolly

sabby MSN said...

Levisjeans,   My apologies if I sounded abrupt.  These posts are not always the best  communicators and I've been rushing so my responses may have sounded curt.  Was not my intention.  Ed's suggestion was right on.   Take care and now I really have to run...   Dolly