Monday, January 15, 2007



Do you remember what year you went to Val-David,
Which side of the tracks did the McGowans stay. I don't recall the name 'but I
might know the house do you know the name of the street they lived on? Boy it is
a small world, but I'm glad I don't have to paint it



winnie3ave MSN said...

The second to last time I was in Val David was 1972. I had been back about 4 or 5 times  to Montreal since then, but I really don't have any family back there anymore. The last time I was there was for a quick afternoon vist, and that was probably about 5 years ago. I didn't even know they had street names. When we went there the last time, the road was paved, and that was a surprise. The house we use to stay at was close to the Condor. The last time we were there, the Condor, which had been a bed and breakfast, and also a night club, was now a drug and alcohol treatment place. If you stood on the dock of the "Condor" and facing the lake, and you looked to the left, about ten houses away, that would be the house. There was another small bed and breakfast at one time next to that house, and it was owned by the Honisets (I think that is the spelling).
Winston Allison
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levisjeans7 MSN said...

My parents house was on the other of the
tracks  on Mountain road. I know the place you are talking
The Condor is now small apts now.
They tore up the railway tracks and they are now a
bike path.
I have never swam in water so clean as Golden
Lake.  Did you know that it is spring fed, and that if you swam out
directly from Condor there are 2 ice shacks under the water that are still
there? When we were kids we would swim over to see them the lake is very deep,
however cause the water is so clean you can see right down to them.

Thanks Winnie

winnie3ave MSN said...

Lynn. Years ago, before they built the freeway, on the old highway, as you were going north, and past St Jerome, there was a huge sawdust place, that you could see on the right. That is the place where they would take the ice they cut out of Golden Lake, and would store for sale in the summer time. They also use to sell it to the hospitals because the lake was so pure that it was considered to be some of the best clear ice around. And yes, I know where at least one of the springs was on the lake, and yes you could look down and see the water coming up from the spring. Wonderful place!!!!

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arbutus MSN said...

Lynn,   Did you ever run across John and Sydney Westlake up at the lake. A lot of people also refer to the lake as Golden Pond I take it. Probably the retirees that have places there and in relationship to the Henry Fonda movie Golden Pond. I recall the Dobbie and Eagleton families from the lake. I never had a place there but visited a few times. I worked with John Westlake and Don Eagleton. The Dobbies were friends of the Westlakes.   Gary Saanich BC

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Some friends of mine have some old photo's of the
train that picked up the ice and also shots of Golden Lake. They are pretty
I't fun to know you saw the ice houses. Did you
ever go up Eagles Peak, or also known as Mt Condor.
We would go up Eagles in the morning and jump in
the lake after, jeans and all. Bomb Fires at night, guitar [playing those were
the days my friend.

winnie3ave MSN said...

Oh yes. Climbed that mountain so many many times. Do you recall them having the corn feeds at "the club house" every summer. You could eat as much as you wanted to. Winston
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levisjeans7 MSN said...

I was a member of the Golden Lake Country Club for
many years. Monday Nights Movies. I saw my first James Bond movie there "Gold
Finger" Friday night dances were we would do the Harlem shuffle. Corn roasts.
They would also have a varity show with a Miss Golden Lake contest.
I came 2nd runner up on summer. My sister also came
second runniner year's before that. It's kinda a joke in my family how we never
won ,but came close!

winnie3ave MSN said...

Coming close isn't such a bad thing. At least you tried, and had fun doing it. Good for you girls. Winston Allison

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