Sunday, January 14, 2007

This week in Verdun

I enjoyed the new picture's . I liked the xmass
lights .


The streets in Verdun would be lit up. Westmount
didn't look that that. I also enjoyed the places Barry's fish & Chips, Oh my
god that hot dog, you just can't get a stemmie in ONT.

Boy do I miss them. Dont' get me going on the food

The first thing I do when I go home is get a pizza
from Woodland's, then a smoked meat from down on the main, Back to verdun for a


bobb MSN said...

Hi Levisjeans7

I have found a place that does steamies in Oshawa, Ont. of all places. A small place with about 6 stools by the window. I'm doing some work out there these days and noticed the joint when I was parking my car one day. Now I'm a regular.


johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

Seems like anyone i know who goes back to verdun for a visit,including myself, makes a bee line for steamies,fires and smokemeat..They are good..Strange, i never say i am from verdun, I always say, i am from Crawfordpark., this really bugs my wife, who is from  Brown blv Verdun. John

the lad MSN said...

Hi   Re Food in Verdun   Steamies from Normans or Rex's. Thumbs up on the pizza. Hey anyone miss Dilallo burger's?   Lad