Friday, January 19, 2007

thick as pea soup

Mom 1945


We called our livining room the double parlor.. It
was also a bedroom.We also had a gallery . In the summer it became
"Balcony Beach"

There was alot of Verdun expressions.

I remember being at the sir Winston Churchill pup,
after someone heard me speak they said 'You must be from


mom1945-linda MSN said...

I have travelled quite extensively  through Canada, the Yukon and the U.S.A. and you would be surprised how many people you can "recognize" through their expressions.  Once down in Cancun, at a bullfight, I heard people next to me talking about there being no shadflies down in this part of the guessed it, I asked and found out they were from Verdun!!!        

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

being brought up in crawfordpark, verdun was special..I lived  in a large two storey flat . My parents had 9 children, 7 girls and  twin boys.and we were not the only one with a large family.on  hot summer nights we use to sleep on our balcony and pass goodies across to our neighbour on her balcony..Verdun was a special place, they had things to do for their children ..When i talk to ex verdunites, most of them say they all go back to Verdun for a short visit.  

beeaired MSN said...

If all works out to my liking, will be in Verdun this summer, Brown Blvd area..

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

enjoy yourself in Vedun, should walk around some, my wife is from brown blv across from the park.One of my daughters is there now for a few days.. John..