Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Haunted

Morning Les


I received a email last night from my cousin Dale
who is married to Jergen Peters from the Haunted  she was saying that they
get fan mail from as far as Italy, and that a company in New York wants to
release their record . I forwarded them The photo's you sent.

Let's keep rocking Les


the lad MSN said...

Les   Great post on The Rabble..I was at that show at Paul Sauve..Dean Hagopian came on and said Jack Bruce was ill and Cream cancelled...I can remember The Rabble playing and the place going wild when they dropped their pants and walked off in their shorts.....Get this show cost 5 bucks....   Lad

les__f MSN said...

It's probably almost $5 bucks ,just to take a bus there & back now.........hahaha                                                                       HF&RV

the lad MSN said...

True  I think the metro is 2.50 one way and I heard they tore the place down years ago.Get this I went to Grover's that night and got a pair of black Levi's for the show..the jeans cost more but not much. I think maybe 10 bucks..Sure was diiferent to go to concert you got to take out a loan...   Lad