Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seldom Post

Hey Kung Fu, Hang in there Brother, a lot of us are not contributing to this
site verbally, but we read most if not all posts. I for one am moved to
write immediately sometimes, but then I "Chill Out". Change my mind & just
continue to read & Laugh sometimes & cry other times & get angry sometimes &
get very informed sometimes.... But, like you & I'm certain that I can talk
for most others, just have a hell of a good time on this site. Or is it a
Heaven of a good time on this site....We Love you & care very much for all
of us here & we all have one thing in common. Verdun was once & still is a
part of our LIFE, & we'll never forget it......


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the lad MSN said...

Hi   Second that thought.  Just getting on keeps us connected. Being from Verdun we all stick way or the other...   Lad  

redwing3235 MSN said...

Same's a bond that will never break..proud to be a Verdunite   Redwing

kungfu MSN said...

Thank you syn, much appreciated , hang tough Jimmy