Sunday, January 21, 2007

Re: Gord Gibbon's grade 4 photo

I just guessing but the kid on the right end of the middle row looks like he might be Wayne Sewell - used to live  on 5th Ave. just above Verdun.


gorderic MSN said...

Thanks Stan. The face is familiar, for some reason the name was not.   Gord Gibbons

sweet_n_gorgeous_anna MSN said...

    Hello StanGiles !             I have one question for you , your name is very familiar to me, you did go to Verdun High ? I remember you from one of my classes long ago. I remember that name being called out loud when attendance  was read , I am curious . If I am not mistaken you had Blondish or light brownish  hair with glasses ? Actually I think you sat on the right side of my desk many years ago. I think I will have to take out my Annual from 1971 and look up the Picture .            Just Curious !           Sweet_N_Gorgeous Anna