Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Power House

Hi Melvin, I learned to swim at the old powerhouse at the bottom of 8th Av.
in the Bronx. We used to walk across on the level power house until we came
to the other side. Just before the Island we only had a steel beam to cross
on, there were I believe three across at one point then I think two then
one. It was a real treat for some of the guys & gals in our crowd, (which in
those days we were always a gang), to cross as they weren't so surefooted &
it was always a challenge for some of us. We were called "Chicken" because
we wouldn't stand up & walk over without being frightened. At the beginning
of the walk we had to stretch our bodies to get a good foothold or toehold
or we would swim over to the first ladder & climb up, then walk to the other
side. It was always fun. On the Island this particular Island was where I
received my first real "French Kiss". I'll never ever forget that
Island..... This was in the mid 50'S......Ahhhh Such Sweet Memories!!!!!!!!!
If I could turn back time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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