Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Can anyone remember the hovercraft that used to zoom along the St Lawrence. I believe it started in the early 70s.
I guess it used to break up the ice but other than that what was it's purpose.


the lad MSN said...

Hi   First hovercraft I saw was at Expo.Never took the ride.Lines were to long. Speaking of Expo 40 yrs ago for you old timers like me. Now that was something unique.   Lad

gloworm138 MSN said...

Sure do remember the Hovercraft at Expo my brother worked on it. He was in the Naval Reserve and that was his summer job, so I was able to sneak to the head of the line.  The year of Expo I was 21yrs. old what a great time in Montreal memories will live on forever.  Old Munich, My Fathers Mustach and just having fun in the pubs downtown. Glo

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Hello There Lad
My brother worked on the hovercraft during Expo
I went for a ride on it. It was alot of fun. It
came from Britan.

gloworm138 MSN said...

Hey  I guess your brother is my brother too. ay.  Do you remember that we had the Union Jack Umbrella from the Hover Craft at home for years.  Wonder where it went.    Sis