Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hey Sister Sole Sister!

HAPPY BIRTHDAYI guess this means I"m getting older

Have a great day& don't do anything I would'nt

Love you lot's & Thanks for dragging your
little sister all around the streets of Verdun. I remember you taking me to
Frankie's for a coke I didn't know how to use a straw then.


Your little sister



winnie3ave MSN said...

GLOWORM.... Happy Birthday from Vancouver, Washington. As for your age...I am guessing that you are the same age as your tongue, and a little older than your teeth. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Winston Allison

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les__f MSN said...

Yes Happy Birthday,...............glad you joined the group,.......have some fun, and Enjoy your day....................... ........get out the Wine (or whatever)and we'll all toast your Birthday................hahahahah

mom1945-linda MSN said...


gloworm138 MSN said...

Well no secrets on this site.  Thanks to all of you for my Birthday Wishes they really did make my day.  Reading this site I feel sixteen again, that is until I look in the mirror or  dance too much.  OH BOY   Glo

winnie3ave MSN said...

Glo. What you see in the mirror is character, experience, and a lifetime of memories, that you can share, and fall back on. Some of us have aged gracefully (whatever the hell that means), and have enjoyed what we have experienced, and done. Yes I know, "I can't be this old, I am my grandmothers age, what the hell happened, and where did the time go?????" So never mind the mirror, or what you think the mirror is saying. Enjoy yourself, give someone a hug, and say; "Yes, I made it to another birthday, AND, this is my day!!!!" Again, Glo....Happy Birthday!!!!!!  And just think of us here on Verdun Connections  celebrating with you....some more than others I am sure....Okay pass the wine...cause we have been told ,,,,on this site; "That everything goes down better with wine!!!"

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arbutus MSN said...

   "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"            GLORIA"

sabby MSN said...

Happy Birthday Glo!   And it's all about how  you feel.  So Happy Sixteen!   Dolly