Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My Dad started working for the C.N.R. as a porter on the trains in the late
thirties. He went off to WWII & after the War he received his job back &
continued to work their for I believe 45 years. He often brought me down to
the "Yards" in the Point & later on in the sixties I used to drive him to
work. He Loved the C.N.R. & all the workers. To this day these old Guys who
are left meet at least 4 times a year for a Breakfast Reunion in Montreal at
various locations...... I have been invited to go, but I haven't been there
in Montreal on these occasions......


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montrealgoodtimes MSN said...

Hello Norman,   My dad worked on the trains as a porter in the 30's 40's too. His name is George same as mine.   Anyone recall?   Tks George

Juanita Berry said...

My Dad also worked for CNR for years. He passed away in 1972 at the age of 87. He would also take my sister and me to the yards and showed us the inside of a caboose. It was a highlight of our life. Ge was a conductor, brakeman and also worked freight trains. His name was Jim Fee