Sunday, January 14, 2007

all those who are around 40

hey all...remember when we were 13  14 and so on.... we ran the streets with little or no fear.....we all enjoys seeing  every one else....If you had no one to play with all you need do is wait on soe corner till some one  came by and the you had all kinds of shit to do....  no all the kids want to do is  break things  and play  ps2   Xbox  and stey home on the computer...Go out side and way they say...I miss the  old was simple and with 2 kids of my own and a step not so easy....we thought we knew it all back then...just like our kids bills to pay and make sure all are safe...not like back in the day when the biggest problem was was was bringing the beer and who had smokes...We al had fun with out defacing every thing...I drove by  VCCHS only to see all the paint on the walls from kids and the spray paint...I was sad to see what kids have done to what I held close...I am prode to have come from verdun now and always...What we held so close other  have taken for granted and ruined..It not the same...We did not grow up as our parents  and our kids have growen up different also..But we respected our parents and the adults around us..and the stuff around us...We worked for what we had...nothing was givin to us...Now the kids are given every thing they want  and when they get into trouble they blame the parents  and the people around them...Never the kid fault anymore...YEA RIGHT  !!!....may be if they got a good kick in the ass like us  they would not be as they are...Not all kids are bad but  what it goona take to make us all start understanding may be our parent were right to slap us when we got out of line....never kiled us  DID IT  !!!....Well this quick quote turned into a book...thats it I guess


murph6701 MSN said...

  Would you be the same Randy Moss who has brothers Ricky and Rodney and sisters Mary and Cathy? The family I'm referring to lived on Verdun Ave beside Steinbergs. Your neighbours would have been the McQuillens.   DM

screwballrandy MSN said...


Yes it is murph6701...If i am correct your first name was Dereck...Right?
and you lived right next door???
So I know you know me so if you like you can e mail me at screwballrandy @ Mark it old verun so I know it is u...would be nice to see you again....been 30 yr I think

Get back Randy

murph6701 MSN said...

Hey Randy                   I wasn't your next door neighbor ( that was the Mcquillens). Their names were Eddy, Donna, Mike and Derek. I'm  Darren Murphy. I lived on Richard and am the same age as your sister Cathy. I also knew your brother Rodney and your other sister Mary.  My older brother Mike knew your oldest brother Ricky.  Where are your brothers and sisters now? Still in Verdun? You're right, it's probably been thirty years!!!!!!!   Darren