Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm sure you 'upgrade' your virus/worm protection monthly. I have a
theory as to why there are so many viruses being passed around.
Whenever I receive an email like the feel good ones and which says
pass this on to my friends etc., I immediately delete it no matter
who sent it to me. It is the virus makers who make these picture
graphic emails. As soon as I read 'pass this on', I think 'f.... you'
and I trash it (excuse the language but it really gets my goat).
Sometimes I receive spam/junk email from who knows who, I trash it.
How do these spammers know my email address? From those email
messages that say pass this on to your friends. We all should use the
BBC column when addressing email if there are lots of addresses
included. Most email servers have this feature. I've received email
with 50 or more private addresses attached!
Much aloha,

When sending email to more than one person, put all their email
addresses in the BCC column (Blind Carbon Copy).


the lad MSN said...

Hi   Got an e mail and its from WRM customer services asking remember me? Anyone know of this?   Lad

gpilon MSN said...

Laddie.   That message or body line "remember me?" is a sure fire way of contracting a virus on your PC. Might want to look into an anti-spam program that will automatically delete these kind of emails so there is no chance of even erroneously opening them, or their attachments.   Glen