Monday, October 22, 2007


Photo 909  looks like Bannantyne and Argyle to me.. is that the old Jacques Patates there?


les__f MSN said...

There's really been some good pictures added recently to the PhotoAlbum link,......    rfmurph has a couple of albums there,and metalman always adding some up to date Verdun stuff,.....      It's worth having another look at all the pictures available ,that have been posted by many different members,    and if anyone out there does have some pics you'd like to share,.then don't be shy, we all shared Verdun,and can relate to any street, or park ,etc etc and we all played in the streets & lanes too,   So dig 'em out, and if you want to share them,......Great  There must be tons of pictures out there ,somewhere, I can Remember taking pictures ,but lost some of the film over the years, but  still we all have stuff ,that has survived ....................                HF&RV

metalman108 MSN said...

lad   yes you are rite about the spot, that's the reason i took for the ones that went to vh knew that restaurant that was there at one time. lad check these pics i took at shoeless joe's today enjoy the laugh