Friday, October 12, 2007

looking to buy HD tv

Anyone have any thoughts on HD TV..looking at Panasonic 32 in
Sony Tobisha...all on sale... heard alot about them..anyone have one..?


guy5479 MSN said...

Lad, I bought a 36" HD Toshiba about 4 years ago and it very clear and still going strong, but the thick type. I also bought a 32" HDTV Toshiba with flat screen wich I bought about 6 months ago and wich I highly recommend. Guy

keithinbeeton1 MSN said...

Hi Lad,   Please do not forget to look at Samsung. I went out last year to buy a Sony or Panasonic and the key is to the resolution. The higher the number, the sharper the picture.   Upon looking and taking with the people, I was blown away by the terrific sharp picture of the Samsung and ended up with that. The screen is 32 LCD but it is no more than 3 inches thick.   Be careful however as the units that they have on display are not hooked up to cable as you will have, they are hooked up to a DVD. The picture you see can be a bit deceiving as it is not cable.   I would buy the Samsung again due to the very good picture. I always thiought that Sony was the top of the line, but I think you pay more for the name.   Good luck   Keith Harrison I would stay away from Toshiba though. The ones I have seen were not too impressive.    

biking2006 MSN said...

You may consider shopping south of the border.

metalman108 MSN said...

there's best buy and future shop, no payment for 1 year that's the place to go, them sales people will take good care of you  

les__f MSN said...

Here's another possible source,...........Usually have good prices,.at least for Computer parts and,                   checkout Tiger Direct. here's a couple of HDTV :     Look throughout the whole site,.you may save some Do_re_Mi..........???  Worth a look in anycase,.........................                                                                                      HF&RV

guy5479 MSN said...

I was once told by a TV repairman that the best TV was a Toshiba when I was in the market for a new TV. Guy

touchy826 MSN said...

Hi; Have had a Samsung 61" TV for 3 Years, and decided to add another. 2 months ago.  We went from store to store, and finaly had a presentation at Breault & Martineau, were we understood  the nomacluture the sales people were talking about. Toshiba make the best Plasm TV's, but were not for us, we have   daylight comming into room. Sonny the best of all, but a lot more exspensive. We opted for a 52" sharp  LC52d92U,  it has a contrast ratio of 15000 to 1 and most of the sales people suggested this TV to be the leader this year Then we went  to all the stores, only 1/2 of them carried this model, and compared prices, we were supprised each one able to better previous one.. Ended up at Central Disributors, in  Lachine. saving
$600.00  from the 1 st. store Then comes the accessories stand , cables,  and we added   Bell vu HD Statalite, they had to come and change dish & receivers. We now enjoy both Tvs.  with HD>  surrond sound  (Bose systems)

(  Ron