Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lachine Canal

Here is a shot of the Lachine Canal taken from my car while on the Angrigon Boulevard on my way home from Verdun yesterday. You will recognize the old black steel Crane in the background. The other structure on the right is a silo.

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les__f MSN said...

Yes Guy that is the crane from the Lasalle Coke Company,........  I posted some pictures of kids jumping off this old crane (quite awhile ago) and there are paintings done of this old crane as well........  Very recognizable along the Canal........the canal sure looks a lot nicer than it did many moons ago.............  Thanks for the picture Guy,............   HF&RV     .....................certainly looks a lot more user friendly these days,than years ago,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it was a major reason why Montreal was so prosperous for a long time,....   heres a Canada Govt' site re : the Laching Canal Activit챕s
Visite virtuelle Le secteur de la grue LaSalle-Coke

Le symbole du canal
짤 Parcs Canada / Jacques Beardsell / VSP.087.D.0006 Dominant le plan d'eau, la grue se dresse tel un monument symbolisant l'interdépendance entre la voie navigable et l'industrie. À l'époque, elle servait à décharger le charbon arrivant par bateau pour alimenter une usine. La grue sera restaurée, et on pourrait y aménager un belvédère qui présenterait un point de vue spectaculaire sur le corridor du canal.                     Checkout the photo's avaiable on the case those arrows above don't work ( they should but you never know) so the link is there as back up too !                                                                  HF&RV