Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Article in Toronto Star

Has anyone heard of the Hilton Brothers?  I was reading an article in today's Star about the brothers & showing a picture of one brother, Alex Hilton.  It's saying each of the four Hitlon boys has criminal convictions that range from chilling to comical.  The story reads on about some charges and acquitals.  One interesting part said that last year Alex raged drunkenly into the Maison du Egg Roll restaurant in the "hardscrabble" area of Verdun, the clan mostly grew  up there.  There is a book written by Davey Hiltons 2 daughters, the "Black-eyed Heart" in which they KO'd him.  This is what was written in the Star.   I was amazed to read Verdun called "Hardscrabble"  

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