Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ron Manfield

Graduated from Verdun High School in 1965.

Have just found this site and it is great to touch my roots somehow.

I was known as the pianoman back then and still play and publish music......................

My web site is for any one that remembers me.


mike_stark MSN said...

Hey Ron,   I remember you very well. You indeed were the piano man!! There was no doubt that you would make a career in the music field. Do you remember Brian and Wayne Turner? Brian played drums and Wayne played guitar. we would jam abit together with a gal named Carol Williams who also played guitar. Her Dad played with a band up on Decarie at a supper club if I remember correctly.   Hope you have fun reading the stuff on this site,,,,,,lots of interesting posts and pics.   Take care,   Mike

mpcmusic MSN said...

Mike,   Yes I do remember Wayne Turner and yourself very well. Do you still stay in touch with Wayne?   Carol Williams is my cousin and I believe that she is still in Montreal.   Her Dad did have a band that played at a place called Dagwoods on Decarie. Frank Williams passed away about 8 years ago.   The site is fabulous!   Ron