Monday, April 23, 2007

Wellington St. and Henri Duhamel

Here are more photos I took Saturday during my walk in the district:
Can someone give me the name and denomination of the old protestant church wich was converted into condos. The name in front was removed. Note the patio in back of the church. Also note the convenient old semi-circle balcony on the corner building. It must be an excellant view of Montreal and the river. Henri Duhamel street was formally River street. I believe Henri Duhamel was the owner of the Verdun Messanger and well known printer and was an accredited printer for the federal governement. I will do some research to confirm this.
(Any corrections and comments are welcome)


jmhachey MSN said...

Hi Guy ! Thanks for the nice pics The old church: originally: Bethany United Church (presbyterian) 3099 Wellington, Verdun Built: 1921-22 Now: condos JM

susie MSN said...

Loved the pictures of Verdun. Yes, Henri Duhamel was the owner/publisher of the Verdun Messenger. He was also my great uncle. He was my maternal grandmother's brother. I don't know if the messenger still exists, but it used to contain both english and french articles in the same paper . Fancy that....looks like common sense prevailed in those days!   Caisse street is named after my great uncle, Pere Francis Caisse. He founded and was the first parish priest of Notre Dame de la Paix. He was my maternal grandfather's brother. I didn't realize until much later in my life what a contribution my family made in Verdun. Thanks again for the memories!    

les__f MSN said...

Hi Susie,.wow with that background,.and seeing some of your photo's you have already posted in your album,...I would think you have many more ,or at least access to many more old Verdun Photo's...................Hope you can tell us more about Verdunhistory,..and share some other pics,.too..........                     Have Fun & Remember Verdun

edbro68 MSN said...

Guy, That Church has not been converted. It was bought by some Indian from Caughnawagna (Yes I still call it that) who has filled the back yard with 'Mohawk Art' Some weird looking pieces.     Ed

newfydog9 MSN said...

Oh my....what great photos!!! At the left of the church used to be an iron fence and that's where we used to hang upside down from....way, way, way back!!! Thanks so much for the photos. judy in NB