Friday, April 13, 2007

The Times they sre a changing

We always had different groups ,.that may have been considered gangs of sorts,....
but these days the Montreal we Remembered is being plagued by gang mentality,and these kids are killing people:   Here's an excerpt from todays Gazette:

Five homicides and five attempted murders have been attributed to street gang activity already this year in such areas as LaSalle, Lachine and Notre Dame de Grace. Included among those numbers was the first homicide of the year, in Lachine, and the slaying of Tyler Jacobs, 16, in N.D.G.

“I think this year summer started in January. That’s why we’re here today. That’s the problem,” Brouillette said Thursday during a news conference to announce the results of a project Montreal police initiated Feb. 24.

Project OMNI is a grouping of Montreal police from neighbourhood stations and specialized units. Their goal is to stem the growing problem of street gang violence in western Montreal. 

“I’m convinced it is very preoccupying for the public. Unfortunately, some sections have been more touched than others,” Brouillette said, listing LaSalle, Lachine, Cte des Neiges and N.D.G.

It is estimated there are more than 20 street gangs that can be considered serious organized crime groups in Montreal. Brouillette said the same ones plaguing other parts of the city are present in western Montreal.

Street gangs starting mayhem early, police lament    (to see the whole story,click the link)


edbro68 MSN said...

The most dangerous gangs are young black men who originally formed groups to protect themselves from the racist bullying white majority. They gathered in schools and streets for in numbers there is strength and security. They've eventually evolved into gangs and lately secured guns from the U.S. I see young white boys in Verdun emulating the gangs by wearing toques in summer and pants showing eight inches of underwear. I think most gang members are as afraid of having to be part of a gang as others are of them Ed

dannyb--1 MSN said...

Hi edbro68,  The  young black in Verdun and LaSalle have never had to form gangs because of  racist bullying. They formed gangs for the same reason as the young white kids do. It gives them a sense of security and power and I believe that at least 75% of the youth dress with their pants hanging off their butts it is a style just like long hair and beatle boots in the 60's. and leather jackets and greesed back hair in the 50's. The only difference is the lack of respect toward people in general. The local police are tormenting a lot of the youths by giving them tickets for jaywalking and pushing them around for a little rough playing between themselves. There is by all means a problem. But harrassing the young kids walking around the streets is not going to do much more than make it worse. They need to get rid of the dealers and then the punks will not need their guns and knives. Also there is a local graffiti war going on a the moment but these kids are not killing each other. I guess you can tell that I have a 15 year old and he is out on these streets just like when I was his age hanging out with the same gangs as LesF. All that crap in the paper only gives the really hard ass punks more power by making people scared to walk the streets. There are a lot of young crack heads that can be dangerous but they are too paranoid to hang in gangs they don't trust anybody. Danny