Thursday, April 26, 2007

Modern Gadgets

I finally gave in and bought a digital camera. Scary looking thing. I think it's smarter than me. Symbols do not replace words without the words to explain them. Reading the instructions quickly I now have a picture of my chin. I'm shocked to read, "You have now taken a picture and loaded it into your computer." I tell it wait a minute, I haven't done that. Finally I read that I should install the C.D. that came with it and I will learn to be a professional photographer. So I install. After 18 minutes of installation it is at 98% and won't go any further. I imagine it has installed the Kodak advertisements about all the other things I need to go with it, like a camera case and a BMW, and is now deciding whether it should do the rest.
At this point 9 year old Andy comes in. Hits Control/Alt and delete. Starts over and has it done in two minutes. He explained the whole thing to me but I didn't understand all the words. I don't know what he meant by obsolete fossil, the camera and computer are brand new. What does anachronistic mean?  He's a tough little
grunge but I think I can take him.  ED 

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les__f MSN said...

Edbro,...........your mention of all the add ons ,.that you have to have or need, the BMW,.made me laugh,.because a few years ago DAnnyB ,& I were talking about how kids always want a ride somewhere here there & everywhere (Remember when we were growing up,.we wanted to (& Did ) go everywhere ourselves,.....but back to the story ,.I mentioned to DannyB ,that the next time te kids (his son) asked for a ride,.that as parents we should just tell them to take the BMW,......... (only Montreal Parents can use this).....but the BMW ( as it was explained to me years ago,is) the   Bus,  Metro, or Walk hahahahahahahaha   ,............  I know it has nothing to do with your story,.but your story prompted mine  ,.........(so you started it)............hahahahahahah Glad you got yourself a new camera/toy, I know we will now get somemore firsthand Verdun type pictures,......................Go for it Edbro,.can't wait to see your pics................. but i also hope Our other Verdun members keep posting new Verdun Stuff.//// We Appreciate allthe efforts ,......from Verdun/ Montreal....etc etc........                Have Fun and Remember Verdun