Sunday, April 1, 2007


How many old expressions can we remember from our parents and grandparents?
Some I remember that my Father used were;-
He don't move no faster than a man kicking a barrel up hill.
You can't take him no place.
He's so thin, feed him tomato juice he'd be a thermomator.
From Grandfather;
Somedays you just can't pee a drop.
My Irish Grandmother;-
Sure the boy would worry the life outta boy.
Would you light somewhere?
By the hair 'n spoons if I get into that fight, you'll both lose.


tommy MSN said...

From my wee Scottish Grandmother (usually said to me lol)   "If bullshit was grease, ye'd slide all the way to hell!!"    and regarding fat people .....   "Well, she was bought when meat was cheap!"

levisjeans7 MSN said...

1  What go's on in this house stay's in this
2  (Dust under the bed) Don't know if somone
is coming or going.
3  Stay were your to and I'll come were your

happydi2 MSN said...

Hey're still connected! great......   Your # 3 expression is a Newfie expression......they have some real funnt ones!   Dianne

biking2006 MSN said...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Any difficulty was considered the rocky road to Dublin.

edbro68 MSN said...

Do you remember; Eat your supper. There are starving children in Europe who would give anything to have that food.  I swear we could train the dog faster and he'd remember to do the job. (Totally unfair, everyone knows dog's have a good memory.) (About messy kids)  I swear he needs a nose bag on 'em like a horse. Put it back and ask someone to pass it to you.              Ed

levisjeans7 MSN said...

Happy Di2  Yes I am still connected Maybe
cause it is Sunday and they will cut me off tomorrow or at Midnight tonight.
Anyhow I'll take advantage of it.
Yes Say were your to, and I come were your at. Is a
newfie expresswion mY gand parents were both Newfies!

mom1945-linda MSN said...

Yup, levis, try to keep in touch.  Wishing you well in the meantime.   Cheers. 

winnie3ave MSN said...

Lynn. You hang in there. Just because you may not be on this site for awhile, does not mean we won't be thinking about you. You might even feel alone at times. If and when those times occur, so, take a deep breath, close your eyes (not if you are driving of course, that wouldn't be a good thing), and remember us on VC. See you soon!!!!
Winston Allison
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geniegal9 MSN said...

My Mom used to say "This marriage is 50/50 ... one horse, one rabbit".   Levisjeans, been thinking about you and if you're still out there,  I think that what hapened to you sucks big time.  But take it from one who's been there too, a big step forward comes the day you can trade mad for sad.  And the best day of all is the day he just doesn't matter any more.  All it takes is time.   Phyllis

winnie3ave MSN said...

One horse, one rabbit!!! What does that mean????

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arbutus MSN said...

Marriage equality equates to 50/50 much as a burger is an even split when it consists of 1 horse and 1 rabbit. It is all a matter of statistics.... GARY C. RAMSEYER'S FIRST INTERNET GALLERY OF STATISTICS JOKES A hungry man went into a restaurant and noticed that the daily special was rabbit burgers, a real delicacy, for only 49 cents a burger. He was astounded at his good fortune to find such a bargain. When he inquired of the cook, the cook told him that in order to keep prices down he had to add some filler: in fact, only part of the burger was rabbit meat. The rest was horse meat. "How much of each kind of meat is in a burger?" asked the customer. The cook replied, "There is an equal amount of horse and rabbit in the burger: One horse, one rabbit." *Thanks one more time Hugh Foley for this quasi-statistical joke.

shirleybh2 MSN said...

Yeah right the women did the work of the horse and the men pulled the weight of a rabbit when it came to home and kids.

geniegal9 MSN said...

That's exactly what she meant, Shirley BH2.  Mom had another saying ... if you can call her using it just once "a saying".  I was so shocked to hear it come out of her mouth I've never forgotten it.  A bit crude but oh, 'tis true, 'tis true ... "A stiff p****k has no conscience." My Newfie uncle used to say "I'm goin' out on the bridge to cleave splits."  Translation:  I'm going out on the porch to split kindling.  Another one was "Leave 'er lay where Jasus flang 'er."  Still use that one myself. Dad had a saying whenever anyone criticized hm for working on Sunday ... "The better the day, the better the deed."

winnie3ave MSN said...

geniegal. Just curious. How old where you when your grandmother told you how bad we guys were, and where our brains were?
Winston Allison
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geniegal9 MSN said...

Hi, Winston, Let's just say she was a little too late!

shirleybh2 MSN said...

Some of Granny's sayings - There's many a slip between the cup and the lip. There goes mutton dressed up as lamb.

shirleybh2 MSN said...

Some other gems - If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Dont tell me what you going to do tell me what you've done.