Friday, April 13, 2007

Cancellation of Membership: Jack Haines

Farewell, dear friends and felllow Verdunites,
Sadly, this will be my last post in VC because I have decided to resume interests that I suspended last summer.  I simply do not have the same amount of free time as I did when I had first joined.
Before leaving, I would like to say what a great place this is to meet up with childhood friends and schoolmates, and to reminisce about the city where we grew up, lived, or worked, the city that gave us the heartfelt memories we carry with us no matter where we are today.
I would like to thank the managers of VC for permitting me to join such a warm and friendly group of citiizens dedicated to our hometown, past and present.
And I would also like to thank all members for sharing their photos, thoughts, and stories with me, and for inspiring me to contribute to VC with my own occasional posts and responses.
How fitting it seems to me to end my message by quoting the phrase that Les often uses at the end of his posts: "Have fun & remember Verdun."
God bless you all,
a.k.a. bombog


les__f MSN said...

Good Luck in all your endeavours Jack,'s been a pleasure having you on board,..........and know this that,should your time allow you the occasional vcisit,.then be assured you are always Welcome,.........Thanks for your decency in letting us know,.......                                    Again Good Luck  (Bobbog2004)               and Yes indeed   you too ,........Have Fun & Remember Verdun

winnie3ave MSN said...

Jack. See you back here soon. You are a class act. Thanks.
Winston Allison

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happydi2 MSN said...

Jack...take care of yourself......hopefully you'll have time to come back soon.   Dianne

sabby MSN said...

Jack,   It was great to know you and share mutual interests in books and writing and I hope you continue those interests.  It was a pleasure knowing you and wish you the best of luck in your pursuits.  Keep well.   Dolly