Tuesday, January 16, 2007

does anybody know

does anybody know the following people from verdun:
brian ranger
bobby campbell
norman longely(lloyd george)
norman zubis( now deceased)
jean stuart(clemenceau st)
the lausons( clemenceau st)
o'riellys (foch st)
pedders ( foch st)joyce still lives there
billy bissonette( teacher)
furies ( fred, ingrid)
diane boyd
shirleyann bates
so on so forth
Would like to know how they are faring..hope they all are well


waynefeb2940 MSN said...

Did Bobby Campbell have a younger brother named Donnie??

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

no, think his younger brother was named John,they lived on Leclair street right next door to the Rangers...both were a good family.

bahama865 MSN said...

hey john, i am in florida and have not been to crawford park in years, i had a few friends back in 60,s there alice marak, carolyn o,connor, jean wasak, donna beeho, jerry ryan, marilyn foote. there whereabouts unknown. carolyn

harvestmoon54 MSN said...

Janet O'Connor, who I believe is Carolyn O'Connor's sister, is still in
Montreal. I will inquire as to Carolyn's whereabouts and report it here.

former 5th avenue resident

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johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

i am not an organizer, but it would be nice if someone would hold a verdun reunion for all ages in the spring  sometime...I was not one to hang around  Kotas but my wife did..I hung around " Givens" in Crawfordpark on clemenceau.. and sometimes the " Pav"...Quite often i wonder how ex verdinites made out in life..hope they all did well..

52-k MSN said...

I lived at 1179 Clemenceau from 1935 'till 1940, and I think it was the Stuarts that moved in as we left.  I remember the Fure family as well and a few others that you don't mention.  Next door were the Bakers...Downstairs were the Kendalls and Smiths....Up the street was Peter Dowden...The Jameses ran the gtore at the lane, and many more.   I moved back to 1124 Crawford Bridge in '63 and left ther for Vancouver in '73   Ed Monteith

cookie3261 MSN said...

Hi John.....Not sure if you recall my  reply last year, but Jean Stewart and I were great friends,we hung out at the "Y" dances and the restaurant/store on Clemenceau (where Jean lived with her Maw)..Jean became a Stewardess and married a Pilot,has 2 kids boy and girl, and the last I spoke to her was back in  1989 (I think) when we were in Winnipeg at a funeral.  Jean and her family did reside in Winnipeg and probably still do.  We exchanged photos of our family back then.  Her Mom passed away years ago in Winnipeg........if you check the Winnipeg listings, you might find her there..........(those were the days we hung out with  the Moore Boys, I dated Brian Moore)................talk later   cookie