Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Worst Fashions of the 60's and 70's

well-it had to be brought up
Any clothing styles from the 70's ,60's, or the 80's that you miss? Any you are embarrassed to have worn? Anyone have pics to share of fashions past?
The worst I can recall were the hot-pants!! I had 2 velvet pairs and I actually went out to the Moustache Club in 'em...also ladies-the 80's thing  with the frilly ankle socks and high heels-as Dr. Phil would say- "WHAT were you THINKING"???
I DO miss some of the late 70's stuff like black leather biker jackets (think-RAMONES)...I hated the 60's bouffanty, teased short hair and white lipstick...I adored the HUGE HAIR of the 80's tho...(can I make it so gigantic that I can barely fit through a doorway)  and the shaggy hair on guys!
A lot has come back in style...but thank God no hot pants...yet!


maggie6697 MSN said...

Wow.. hot pants..I actually wore a pair with a yellow  "bubble" blouse when we went to a dance at Montreal High.  I'm sure it had to be the only time wore them. I did have a picture of me in the same yellow top with jeans, brown, yellow and orange striped, with a button fly. Scary!   I too loved the big hair. I remember going out one night with a guy from cegep and when I went to get out of his Camaro, my hair was stuck to the inside roof of the car!   I did loved the big shouldered glamourous  "Dallas" fashion..

les__f MSN said...

I Remember some very wild looking paisley shirts,.and some ties,& sports jackets that were louder than any kids stereo of today..................hahahahahah  and if I find a picture of me with any of those shirts on ,......I'll be sure 'not to post' them but incinerate may come to mind..........                       HF&RV

cathyart1 MSN said...

Hey Maggie-I had a "bubble" blouse too! They kept "riding Up"---geez they were uncomfortable especially when you tried to tuck them into the "hotpants' and the bottom of the blouse would be hanging out the back of those horrid shorts! For a few minutes...then it would "ride up and roll" just beneath our bras....oh the crap we went through to look do you remember those stretchy lace shirts...I remember a few "well-endowed- in- the- front" girls being sent home for wearing them....gee-I NEVER GOT SENT HOME!  hee hee

cathyart1 MSN said...

Les-the paisley shirts were kinda cool-it was the leisure suits that most of our uncles would wear that I  shudder to recall-in pale green and blue....eeew....I have a pic of my uncle Ken wearing a mint green leisure suit with white loafers and knee socks....and I have never been "normal"