Friday, March 14, 2008


Whatever Happened to  

Verdun Piston Poppers Rod & Custom Club members found and Pass on


List Produced by Frank Pedder with lots of help from friends in Verdun


Aurele Collette Verdun Que

Tom Logie Toronto, Milton Ont,.

Pete Zaluski  - Had a tire shop in Chateauguay Qc

Richard Logie Pointe aux Trembles 

Les Davidson   NDG area

Gordie McRae  lived in Brooklyn NY 

Stan Zemaitis   Verdun,

Ian Tyson  Unknown location

Brian Royston   from Crawford Park in Verdun –Present location Unknown

Billy Smart  Location Hamilton Ont

Frank Pedder  OH! That’s me in Lachine, Quebec

Erskine Young  To be found

Tommy Burt  Route 9, Plattsburgh NY   

Jim Burt  Santa Paula, California, 

Steve Szabad Glen Robertson, ON

George Nelson Dorval, QC
Martin Krupra
, Mtl West Que,

Morrin Krupra   Laval, Quebec 

Les Cloake Ormstown, QC

Jimmy Anthony Unknown location

Harold (Hal) Butler, Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills 

Cerial Keddy  To be found

Peter Reichman  Worked at Air Canada 

Gary Dearn  Ville Lasalle 

Roy Kirkey  Dorval, Quebec

Al Creates unknown address

Herbie Cornforth unknown address

Barry Holdbrook  unknown address

Richard Dworkin Toronto 

Ron Kane  Sorel Qc

Denis Houton joined the American Marines

George Dodd  Lasalle, QC
Jack Russell  Unknown location

Hugh Hamblay Harvey Station NB, 

Graham Doyle   Unknown location

Bob Aubeurtin   Lasalle, QC 

Richard Hammond Hudson, QC

Norman Johnston Lives in Toronto)

Bob Archibald  lived on Brown Blvd Verdun. Lorne Richardson Saint-Chrysostome, QC

Tommy Mullin   Lasalle, QC

David Fiset , Vaudreuil Qc

Jerry McKernan Passed

Sherwood Stevenson (SHIRTS) Passed

Mike Harris Passed

Joe Harsca  Passed

Harry Fisher  Passed

Mike Frost  Passed (Slick)

Al MacDonald   Passed

Cliff Hooper      Passed

Eddy Peel         Passed

Dave MacDonald  Passed

Donald Meehan    Passed

Russ Bourdon      Passed


bigfellow6633 MSN said...

Bob Archibald was my cousin.  His son Alan lives in Boston and frequents the site on occasion.

bigfellow6633 MSN said...

Alan was famous in his own right locally for hand drawing t-shirts with Hot Rod cartoons.

arbutus MSN said...

Erskine "Erky" Young passed away quite a number of years ago. I don't have any details. I worked with Erky at Foxboro Instruments in Lasalle and we we neighbours and friends way back when. he was married to gal named Diane.   Gary Mace (ex 1045 Valiquette & 920 Moffat) now on the left coast near Les

BuddyLuv said...

Fun to find this blog. Just a few updates to add:
1. Tom Burt has sadly passed
2. In addition to Dick Hammond, Graham Doyle and Lorne Richardson, need to add two other Piston Popper founding members to this list - but I don't know their status;
- John Hill, and most importantly ...
- Harry Isaccson. If not for Harry the Piston Poppers would have never been. This guy got it all started out of his basement on Manning Ave. Thanks for all you did, Harry. Who could have known what a legacy you were creating :)