Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oscar Peterson/Lionel Groulx

It seems that there is a grassroots campaign to rename Lionel-Groulx Metro station afetr Oscar Peterson.
What do you think?


guy5479 MSN said...

How about naming the Verdun Auditorium the Scotty Bowman Auditorium? Scotty is well respected by both the french and english speaking Verdunites and would be an excellent way to honor this great sportsman, born and raised in Verdun.   Guy

shirleyb-h MSN said...

I think it makes good sense and I would think that renaming the station at Aqueduct Rufus Rockhead instead of Lucien L'Allier would refer back to the decades that Rockheads stood at Mountain and St Antoine. I have to say I just dont get naming that short street near the Atwater Market Rufus Rockhead - I wish someone could explain the meaning of that to me.  Oscar grew up and lived not far from Fulford as it was then called back when I went to school.