Sunday, June 10, 2007

good times in verdun

back then, we built go carts, have red wagons, bikes with ballon tires
made your own bike with used parts?
back then we didn't use helments, we were verduner dare devils
taking your go cart, or bike and ride it down the bank to the river's edge
crazy stuff but true.
today i see my kids do there stuff, skateboard, bike that's costs, helment
special shoes for skate boards, outfits etc.
i like to see them do the stuff we did as daredevils in verdun times.
i remember jean went down the bank and his wheel of the  bike flew off from the start?
wolfcycle's on wellington st, was a good place to buy a bike, most of us had to build our own bike.
back then the salvation army store on notre dame, its still there today
was a good place to get a used bike at times, even running shoes,pants.


the lad MSN said...

Hey Metalman   Remember putting cig pack in the spokes of the bike...or when you had no brakes sticking your foot thru the fork on the front went thru running shoes. One night parking lot on 2nd and Lasalle BLvd. took turn on gravel lot too fast and stuck foot in to stop..oh it worked only thing is I went airborne over the bars...scraped and cut pretty good...what the hell get back on and keep riding. No helmet,no pads,nothing.Looking back now could explaing a lot.....hahahha   Lad

edbro68 MSN said...

Talk about building go carts. Ya know I got me one of those scooters the old people ride. Hadda strip it down to repair the steering. I removed the body and there it was..... an orange crate and a roller skate just like we used to do. HaHa.                      Ed