Friday, June 1, 2007

dominion engineering anyone out there?

my uncle larry barrett sr. worked at dominion engineering for yrs.
wondering if any retirees who knew him from old days. drop a line, i will forward to him,
he is 88 yrs now.
carolyn bennett


victah12 MSN said...

Hi 'BAMA Bennett! I read your note concerning your Uncle Larry and  my brother Donald Coveduck worked over 25 years at D.E.W., he started back in 1953! He worked in the Metallurigal Office, inspected welding and even worked on  huge Atomic Power Plant parts. He now lives in Cowansville, Quebec and does Freelance Welding inspections for many firms. Hope you hear from him. (I sent your EMail address to him.) Aside from the above, how about all the NICE RAIN we are getting in this part of Florida? Good weather for DUCKS! On that subject how about those Anaheim DUCKS!!!!!!! Victah (aka Vic.)  

bahama865 MSN said...

hey vic thanks, im sure he knew larry, no news from him yet,larry was there at your brothers time. hees in champlain nursing home crawford park,   as of today, paliative unit.  he is very well known in the area of arbitration for d.e. w.  nice for you to connect, thanks, carolyn bennett